My primary area of research focuses on the management of information and communication technology (ICT)-mediated dispersed environments. I am interested in different types of ICT-mediated dispersed environments, including:

  • dispersed teams (aka virtual teams);
  • dispersed communities (aka online communities);
  • dispersed education (particularly MOOCs); and
  • dispersed populations (e.g. refugee crises).

In the last 10 years, I have mostly studied virtual teams with an emphasis on issues of creativity, innovation, and leadership within this context. I am also engaged in research into the implications of ICTs for the management of work-life boundaries in the digital age, in particular through my involvement in the Digital Brain Switch project. Methodologically, I am a qualitative researcher specializing in case study research involving interviews, often in combination with video methods, which I have used in my PhD and postdoctoral work. My sectorial expertise is in the product design, financial services, sales and healthcare education industries.

For updates on my research and other activities, follow me on Twitter @petros_cham