Selected publications


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Book Section

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Edited Book

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Till, Nicholas and Cook, Kandis (2007) The National Taste: site-specific audio-visual installation,. [Show/Exhibition]


Till, Nicholas (2008) Pas Si. Production of music theatre work by Stefano Gervasoni. [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (2006) Hearing Voices: Transcriptions of the Phonogram of a Schizophrenic. For soprano and audio-visual media. [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (2004) Agamemnon Takes a Bath: libretto for opera by Hilda Paredes. [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (2003) At Home with Art (revised version). [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (2001) At Home with Art: Music Theatre for performer and CD player. [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (2000) First Class Evening Entertainments: Rational Recreation for three performance artists, vocal quartet and electronic sound. [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (1999) Silent Movie Opera (Carmen, 1910): Music Theatre for three singers, electronics and video. [Performance]

Till, Nicholas (1998) Songs of Love & Desire: Music Theatre based on Monteverdi's Fourth Book of Madrigals for four solo voices and electronics. [Performance]