Multicriteria Mapping

Packages and pricing

There are a range of different packages available to meet various needs. We also offer a 60 day free trial!


Are you an individual looking to conduct a single simple MCM exercise, analyse the results and share them with your participants?

Our most basic package ideal for students or researchers looking for a powerful and flexible way to analyse data qualitatively and quantitatively.

This package allows you to :
Create and manage 1 active project
Store unlimited archived projects
Conduct participant interviews
Collect data - qualitative as well as quantitative Analyse and share results with whoever you like!

FREE 60 DAY TRIAL! - then just £10/month


Are you working in a collaborative team, with a number of active MCM projects on the go? Would you like to invite others to collaborate in the research?

Our Collaborative package is perfect for small teams working on multiple active projects. With additional collaborative functionality available you can invite others to take part in your projects or research.

This package additionally allows you to:
Create and manage up to 5 active projects
Store unlimited archived projects
Invite and team up with other users to work on the project

Price: £20/month


Do you oversee a large number of MCM projects, each with its own team? Do you want ready access to a large number of archived projects?

Our Premium package is best suited to more complex users, perhaps heading up a large number of projects with a variety of different project leaders or managers.

This package additionally allows you to:
Create and manage up to 20 active projects
Store unlimited archived projects
Each project can be assigned a project administrator to lead the project (you can of course assign yourself!)
The project administrator can invite other collaborators to join him on the project

Price : £50/month

MCM is flexible. If these packages do not suit your needs, please email:  to discuss alternative ways to manage your MCM subscription. For example, an MCM subscription can be paid for on an annual basis or as a one-off payment to cover the duration of a research grant or PhD.