Centre for Leadership, Ethics and Diversity (LEAD)

Welcome to the Centre for Leadership, Ethics and Diversity (LEAD).

We are committed to the production, dissemination, and application of research investigating the nature and consequences of leadership. Because power often carries the weight of social responsibility, a comprehensive and socially-relevant examination of leadership theory and practice must also include ethics at its core. As societies become increasingly multi-cultural, it also becomes important to understand the factors that create or impede diverse representation at all levels of organisational hierarchy, particularly top positions of leadership.

Complementing its dedication to the production of knowledge is LEAD’s commitment to the dissemination of knowledge. In the service of this goal, LEAD sponsors a speaker series inviting academic experts and industry leaders to share their experience and perspectives on topics related to leadership, ethics, and diversity. LEAD also recognises the importance of promoting links between research and practice. Our faculty have served as consultants and advisors to various FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 corporations on issues related to leadership development, gender and diversity, and ways to align the company’s values and culture with employment practices and incentive structures. We also offer an array of open enrolment Executive Education programmes to industry, government, and non-profit organisations.