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From September 2020 this School will become part of the new School of Media, Arts and Humanities.

The new School of Media, Arts and Humanities will offer a vibrant platform for high-quality teaching and learning, and cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Find out more.

We pledge our support to our Black students and staff across the University. We condemn the violence and terror of racism, in all its forms. We acknowledge its structural presence and histories in all our lives. 

Black lives matter.

Recent events are a stark reminder that we can lose no more time in producing the cultural shift we would like to see reflected in the wider society within which we live. We recognise the urgency of addressing racism within the HE sector and the specific work we can do to ensure that our staff, students and curriculum reflect the values that will move us towards justice. Staff and students are critical in helping us all to learn about our shortcomings as a School, and as an institution, and these conversations inform our ambitions for the future.

Whilst many of our students and staff work tirelessly on anti-racist projects already, this entails labour that is overwhelmingly provided voluntarily. This is not acceptable. The University needs to support this work by putting additional actual resources in place. At School level and beyond, we will work to make sure that this labour is valued and recognised; to improve recruitment practices to ensure more equitable opportunity for Black applicants; to increase the diversity of our staff and student communities; to continue our support for decolonising the curriculum; to develop increased mental health support for Black students and staff; to make training on cultural competency and race equality mandatory for all staff.

That's just a start. Saying "Black Lives Matter" is not enough, and can be worse than not saying it at all if no actions result from it.  We need to keep fighting for the resources that will allow the University of Sussex to help make this a reality. We will take these commitments into the heart of the founding principles of our new combined School for Media, Arts and Humanities, as we work together, staff and students, to create it in the coming months.

Experience our exciting, innovative and forward-thinking teaching and research. Come and join us and you will be taught by world-renowned researchers, and will be supported by an intellectual community that encourages in-depth knowledge, creativity, and ambition.

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in:

  • Literature (English and American)

  • English Language and Linguistics

  • Drama, Theatre and Performance.

Excellence in research

We are proud of being one of Britain's most respected places to study English. The quality of our faculty research is shown by the results of the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014), in which 84% of our research was rated as internationally excellent or world-leading overall. The vitality and sustainability of our research environment also received a score of 90%. These scores are among the highest in the UK. For more information visit the REF website.

English Literature and English Language and Linguistics are ranked 9th, and Drama 7th, in the UK for research quality (The Complete University Guide 2020).


Outstanding teaching

At Sussex you'll be taught by passionate faculty who will encourage your originality and creativity. With more than 50 research-active faculty, we are one of the largest centres in the UK, and offer expertise across over 1,000 years of literary production.

91% of our English students were satisfied overall with their courses in the most recent surveys (NSS 2019).


Preparing You for the Jobs of Tomorrow 

97% of our English graduates found employment or progressed into the full-time postgraduate study within six months of graduating from Sussex (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education EPI Calculation, 2017).

An English degree is the ideal way to develop communication skills and problem solving -- exactly the kinds of skills that will be required in tomorrow's employment landscape. As the British Academy's Report on the Future of Work (2017) confirms, “social skills (eg persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others) will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills" 


Strong league table rankings

We feature in the top 100 universities in the world for English Language and Literature in the QS World University Rankings.


19th, The Times and Sunday Times University Rankings 2019

19th, The Independent Complete University Guide 2019

14th, The Guardian University Guide 2020


2nd, The Times and Sunday Times University Rankings 2019

2nd, The Independent Complete University Guide 2019

American Studies:

2nd, The Independent Complete University Guide 2020

3rd, The Guardian University Guide 2019

News from English

17th June 2020

We're super proud of Sussex English student Eleshea Williams. As spokesperson for @CurriculumBlack she's been interviewed across national media, explaining why black history needs to be taught in schools and what that would look like.

What should be on the curriculum to teach pupils about black British history? YouTube

Sussex Student takes part in Junior Research Associate Scheme

Two students talking

Sinéad Rawson is taking part in the Sussex Junior Research Associate scheme, which is a paid opportunity for undergraduates in their second year to pursue research under the supervision of university faculty.

Sinéad said: "My project is assisting with editing the autobiographical writings of Anna Mendelssohn held at Sussex Special Collections . The project, thus far, has allowed me a compelling insight into the mind of a female poet and activist who has been overlooked for her contributions to experimental writing. Her works explore her time in prison, as well as the treatment of the female artist, activist, and single mother by the authorities and society. Working alongside Prof. Sara Crangle has allowed me to pursue a form of editorial work that I hadn’t been exposed to before. The experience has allowed me to further develop my interests in experimental writing, and I’m sure it will benefit my third-year work and future research.

"The editorial work was handed over to me by Isabelle Clarke, last summer’s JRA on this project. Speaking to her at the archive was great as she was able to give me a heads up on some of the summer’s coming challenges. She also revealed that I would soon find myself adopting some of Mendelssohn’s phrases. The moments of discovery, as well as the frequent frustrations, ensure archive work feels fascinating to the point that it often proves difficult to leave. When we met, Isabelle confessed her envy at not being able to re-enter the mind of Mendelssohn for the summer."

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