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Sussex Graduate founds own History Journal

After having founded and run the University of Sussex Undergraduate History Journal since February 2011, Sussex graduate Julia Kompe has set up her own history journal this summer.

The Berlin Historical Review was founded in 2012 and publishes articles and historical research by students, young historians and members of the historical profession from around the world.

Published quarterly, it aims to offer a platform for stimulating intellectual debate by bringing together a variety of scholarly and original articles from every field of historical study.

The Berlin Historical Review publishes innovative research and analysis that employ chronological, thematic, regional and methodological approaches or target a particular historical problem in readable and comprehensive form.

Thus appealing to both specialists and non-specialists, the journal hopes that chosen articles will make a contribution to historical knowledge while encouraging productive controversy and debate.

This is also why the Berlin Historical Review is and will remain an open-access research journal. As such, all its published material is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution.

By sharing its content and making new research accessible to the the public for free and legal use under the terms of its copyright licenses, the journal hopes to support a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The Berlin Historical Review particularly wishes to showcase the work of young historians and graduates to help them arrive in the world of academic history writing.

However, the Berlin Historical Review also gratefully accepts submissions from more experienced historians, especially for its special issues as well as in the form of book reviews and commentaries.

Check out the Berlin Historical Review's website: http://berhistoricalreview.wix.com/berhistoricalreview
If you would like to submit an article send an e-mail to:
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By: Julia Kompe
Further information: http://berhistoricalreview.wix.com/berhistoricalreview
Last updated: Friday, 21 September 2012