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Brighton and Hove Citizens training fully booked

Last week, Brighton and Hove Citizens provided training for local community members and University staff and students on campus.

There were 25 places available for the training on Friday (14 February) and Saturday (15 February), all of which were successfully filled.

The training focused on the practical skills of community leadership through one-to-one meetings, storytelling and power analysis, as well as campaign strategy, action-planning and negotiation skills.

Brighton and Hove Citizens is part of Citizens UK, which empowers local communities to tackle issues through community organising. 

The University is a founding member of Brighton and Hove Citizens along with a number of other local organisations. Helping to establish the Brighton Chapter of Citizens UK is one of the aims for Engage for Change strategy, part of the University’s Sussex 2025 vision. 

Brighton and Hove Citizens has already successfully campaigned for the reinstatement of much-needed accessible toilet facilities in Hove Cemetery North. 

They are now hoping community leaders from the University community will be empowered to help with future campaigns.

If you were unable to make the training but are still interested in hearing more about Brighton and Hove Citizens, please email

By: Rose Wilmot
Last updated: Friday, 21 February 2020