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Information on Coronavirus

The University has not received any reports of its staff or students having contracted Coronavirus. A student who was tested, has been confirmed as not having the virus.

It is likely that over the coming days there will be many people living in the UK who will be tested.

The University will be providing support to students and staff who may have concerns and that will always remain our number one priority. 

If there is any information to share, in relation to anyone in our community testing positive for the virus, we will inform our staff and students at the earliest opportunity, so they are aware of our next steps and have access to guidance.

The University has stringent plans and procedures in place to deal with all eventualities and we are following all the advice and guidance from Public Health England in this regard.

We know this is worrying for our community, especially as there is a focus on Brighton in the media.  The University is following all advice and have been planning for all eventualities.

This information will be updated as and when it becomes available and you can see the guidance we have been regularly sharing with students here.

We ask that we all continue to support each other during this time, particularly our students from overseas who are feeling a long way from home at the moment and at times vulnerable.

It is vital at a time of worry and concern that we always show our full support through our words and our behaviours. 

The University will take action wherever there is evidence of prejudicial behaviours towards members of its community.

By: James Hakner
Last updated: Monday, 17 February 2020