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Winter Graduation 2020: Lourdes' story

Lourdes Walusala, Media Practice for Development and Social Change MA

Coming to Sussex to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Media Practice for Development and Social Change was a well thought out decision. As a Chevening Scholarship recipient, I was required to choose my preferred university and course.

From my research, I envisioned a very practical course and serene learning environment and I was not disappointed. The first time I heard my tutor say that the school has enough media equipment for all of us I thought it was just a PR statement. There was indeed enough for all of us and when the time came for me to travel to Kenya for my final independent project, the school gave me all the equipment that I required for the month-long assignment! 

This one year was not only a year of learning, upgrading my media experience and acquiring more skills while making friends and having fun but it was a moment of self-reflection as well. Looking back, I am glad I came to Sussex. I can boldly say that leaving my 3-year-old son-Jabali in Kenya to come to Sussex to chase my education dream was a risk worth taking. 

By: Stephanie Allen
Last updated: Thursday, 16 January 2020