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Summer Graduation 2019: Marta's story

Marta Paluch, PhD Education

My PhD was a retirement project. I wanted to do this a long time ago but as a single parent, financial constraints made it impossible. Having worked in adult education for many years, encouraging others with the words ‘it’s never too late to learn,’ I took my own advice and started again at age 62.

My research took me to Guatemala where I worked with Adult Literacy Facilitators over a number of years. It was a fascinating experience, engaging so closely with adults learning to read and write and the young people who were learning to teach them. The process of transforming that experience into a doctoral thesis was a challenge which I thrived on. It was not just the topic of adult literacy that I came to know so much more about, I also found a voice as a writer.

The Education Department provided a supportive environment where I made some wonderful friends. I am particularly grateful to my supervisors Prof. John Pryor and Dr. Julia Sutherland for their generous encouragement and support. I will be celebrating with my family and other Education graduates and my grandson will be with me to receive my certificate.

By: Daniel Pilkington
Last updated: Tuesday, 16 July 2019