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Summer Graduation 2019: Hovhannes' story

Hovhannes Hakobyan, Computer Science with Industrial Placement

First year: Two weeks before Fresher's Week my mom passed away. I had the choice to take a gap year or continue; my mom always wanted me to study hard, so I did my best and put my feelings aside to start my first year. Overall it was fine but I was too depressed all the time.

Second year: I didn't expect it to be that hard. I think second year was a failure for me. However, I did secure a placement at the end.

Third year: Two months before my placement, I discovered that I have MS (multiple sclerosis) untreated autoimmune disease (probably inherited from my mom). I could not move or walk. It was a disaster. Again, I was given a chance to take a gap year but still I didn't. I have worked hard after many hormone procedures... I started walking, went on a diet and lost 10kg, and started my placement. By the time I finished my placement, which was an amazing experience, I was -30kg.

I started fourth year and everything went great - probably the best year I have ever had. I am now graduating with a 2.1. Overall, don't give up.

By: Daniel Pilkington
Last updated: Tuesday, 16 July 2019