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Summer Graduation 2019: Sophie's story

Sophie Coppenhall, Art History BA

My undergraduate journey began a year earlier than most, as I undertook a Foundation Year in Arts and Humanities which would prepare me for further study on the BA course of my choosing. Within volumes of multidisciplinary lectures throughout my Foundation Year, I found that the Art History teaching we had experienced appealed to me the most. The three years that followed proved that I had made the best possible choice in degree path.

This year, I will be graduating as the highest ranking BA Art History student at Sussex. I owe this to the consistently incredible teaching, and encouragement, given to me by the faculty.

I have been presented with so many academic and professional opportunities during my time in Art History at Sussex, and have always felt that the department provided me with more support than I could ever have anticipated. The intellectual content of the BA course has given me analytical skills and frameworks which have transformed my perspective on matters which go well beyond the constraints of academia. I've taught college students the subject I love, studied astronomy and comedy, and even vlogged - there have been absolutely no limits on what I've been able to do at Sussex!

By: Daniel Pilkington
Last updated: Thursday, 4 July 2019