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"Because, anxiety is my superpower and I’m going to use it”

Elli Johnson, a mental health blogger identifies her mental health problems as her superpower, and encourages others to do so too.

In a recent article from mentalhealth.orgElli Johnson describes her anxiety as part of her, and one of the things that makes her unique, giving her insight which alerts her to potential harm, softens her to other’s pain, and allows her to see emotional truth quicker than some others.

Elli describes this as her superpower. A superpower which she has learnt to identify with her pain, to see it as a path to healing and understanding. She states “I have accepted my weakness and realised that my experiences can be helpful to other people. But, superpower? This is another league. Another level. And the more I have thought about it, the more the word has rolled around on my tongue, the idea rattled around in my head, (whisper it)… the more it has begun to feel like the truth…. But, my anxiety is my superpower.”

Elli suggests that, like any superpower, it can be destructive. But like any superhero, the more she takes this knowledge and these experiences, the more she see the force for good it can be. Through Elli’s writing, and talking, and witnessing, and sharing, converts the power-sapping kryptonite of her anxiety into a force to be reckoned with.

“Superheroes need to use their powers otherwise they end up fat and disillusioned like Mr Incredible.”


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By: Abigail Christine Wright
Last updated: Friday, 2 September 2016