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We are proud of our global alumni network, which includes many senior science and technology policy makers, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.


SPRU graduates enjoy successful careers in government, academia, civil society organisations and businesses all over the world. Our courses provide a crucial springboard to success in a graduate's chosen career as students develop in-depth knowledge of their subject area and skills highly valued in today's world of work.

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SPRU's Alumni Network

Studying at SPRU provides more than a career springboard. It also enables you to join a rich network of influential alumni, connected by their interest in shaping science, technology and innovation policy for the future. We regularly hold alumni events in locations around the world so the networking and exchange which is so central to the SPRU experience can continue long after graduation.

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Here is what some of our alumni say about how studying or working at SPRU has broaden their perspectives and helped them in their careers.

"An MSc in Science & Technology Policy at SPRU offers a very special blend of training; from the history and philosophy of science through to managing innovation and understanding the risk society. It gave me the ABC of science policy, the edge to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, and the understanding and tools to work on a wide range of public policy issues in the UK, across Europe and in the emerging science economies of the Far East."

Rapela Zaman 
MSc in Science & Technology Policy, 2002

Director of International Affairs, The Royal Society, UK 

"I can't speak highly enough of SPRU’s Science & Technology Policy masters course. I arrived at the University of Sussex with an undergraduate degree in chemistry and an interest in public policy, and the course was a revelation. The commitment and enthusiasm of the lecturers opened up a world of scholarship and practice which I had no idea existed. The STP masters course was a formative year and my professional life since has been strongly shaped by the insights I gained and friendships and connections I made at SPRU. The course offers an outstanding training for a career in science policy."

Dr Rob Doubleday
MSc in Science & Technology Policy, 1999

Executive Director, University of Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy, UK 

"I chose the MSc in Energy Policy for Sustainability at Sussex because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of renewable energies and the energy system in general. In addition, I also obtained new insights into different fields of studies related to economics and innovation. The inter-disciplinarity of the course and the international background of the students make it a great and fruitful experience.’"

Paula Rolffs
MSc in Energy Policy for Sustainability, 2013

Researcher with International Climate Finance programme, E3G consultancy, UK

"I chose to study the MSc in Energy Policy for Sustainability to learn how the appropriate design of economic, energy and environmental policies can promote long-term sustainability, while also meeting needs of the present. The faculty at SPRU are well-connected with other universities, government agencies and think tanks providing me with a number of avenues through which to pursue my dissertation. With this MSc I am better equipped to influence, inspire, educate and negotiate more effectively in order to address the need to transition to sustainable energy systems".

Cameron Jones
MSc in Energy Policy for Sustainability, 2013

Sustainable Electricity Analyst, Department of Energy, Alberta, Canada

The MSc in Innovation for Sustainable International Development introduced me the concept of the role of innovation for development. Given that SPRU is one of the first innovation research units worldwide, I was lucky to interact with professors who pioneered concepts such as global value chains, as well as challenged in analysing pathways for technological progress in favor of more inclusive development. Nowadays I am working at new ways to approach humanitarian assistance particularly in protracted situations. This Masters gave me the theoretical tools to understand innovation processes and critical insight into how to put these into practice in the workplace.”

Adriana M. De Oro Osorio 
MSc Innovation for Sustainable International Development, 2014

Consultant, UNHCR Innovation, Switzerland 

“I chose to study MSc Innovation for Sustainable International Development at SPRU to complement my background in International Economics with state-of-the-art, inter-disciplinary knowledge on innovation for sustainable development. I wanted to become an international professional, able to design a development strategy for my country, Ukraine. It was a great opportunity to study at SPRU. The academic environment and students from all over the world provided a unique opportunity to learn.”


Alexander Ryabchyn
MSc Innovation for Sustainable International Development, 2013

Member of Parliament, Ukraine

“Overall, the Managing Innovation and Projects MSc course has helped me to enter the world of corporate management with confidence, after gaining valuable knowledge and guidance from the highly credible professors of SPRU. In the workplace I now implement the skills I gained on the course. The course is designed to cover various topics such as project management, marketing, IP management, which provide a good insight into management. The case studies and quality of report writing also helped me to groom my writing skills”. 

Milan Langhe
MSc Managing Innovation and Projects, 2014

Project Manager at Electronics Markets (Market research and Consultancy Services), India 

I had a fantastic time studying on the MSc in Technology and Innovation Management at SPRU. The classroom environment was friendly, and learning was kept interesting by means of various activities and exercises. The faculty members are also very inspiring and readily available to offer help.”



Richa Misra
MSc in Technology and Innovation Management, 2010

Manager at Blueocean Market Intelligence, India