I have teaching experience on BA and MA level in the University of Tartu and Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School (both in Estonia). The courses designed and/or lectured include:

  • Introduction to Technology Studies

  • Social Aspects of Information Technology

  • Methodology of Human-Computer Interaction

  • Information Society & New Media

  • Network Society Studies

  • How to Read Social Theories

  • Theories of Modern Societies

The topics I have supervised or are currently supervising (on BA and MA levels) include Large Technical Systems theory, application of hype cycle theory to e-residency, barriers to information systems implementation, hindering factors of energy transitions, building a typology of unintended consequences of innovation and more. I am always interested in supervising theses with a theoretical ambition: currently I am especially interested in socio-technical transitions, techno-economic paradigms, Deep Transitions and cultural evolution.