Katerina Psarikidou
Lecturer in Sustainable Development
T: +44 (0)1273 876933


Katerina is convening the PG campus module 'Governing Innovations for Sustainable Development'.

She is also module leader for the ODL online module 'Democratising Science and Technology'.

She is also co-teaching for a series of other modules for the ODL MSC programmes in Sustainable Development and Energy Policy. These include: 'Perspectives, Methods and Skills', 'Sustainable Development: Policies and Politics', 'Energy Transitions', 'Energy and Development', and 'Understanding Policy Making'.


Katerina is happy to supervise MA and PhD students with an interest in the following research areas:

 1. Sociology and Political Economy of Science, Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development, esp. as applied to the AgriFood and Mobility sectors

2.  Sociology, Geography and Political Economy of Agriculture and Food, especially with regards to Alternative Agri-Food Networks, Local Food Systems and Community Food Innovations. Critical Food Security Studies including research on food poverty and inequalities.

3.Mobilities Research - especially research on alternative mobility practices (e.g. cycling) and mobility innovations, as well as on transport poverty and mobility inequalities.


Please contact Katerina via email or canvas to arrange to meet.