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Innovation Policy at 450 Feet: SPRU's Unique Course Offering

How can energy policies work to benefit people and planet – at local, national & international levels? To explore this question, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) will bring together local energy innovators with international policymakers and researchers for a unique professional development opportunity at the British Airways i360. The event will be attended by policy professionals and researchers from across the globe, including Latin American and Africa, as part of a professional training course on ‘Innovation Policy in a Changing Global Context.

A ‘flight’ on the i360 will provide an aerial 360-degree showcase of Brighton and Hove's historic and contemporary energy system. Following this, a panel discussion with local innovators from Rampion Offshore Wind, Brighton Energy Cooperative and Brighton & Hove Energy Services Cooperative (BHESCO), will introduce and discuss their contributions to the city's energy demands. They will be joined by Dr Ralitsa Hiteva (Research Fellow at SPRU), who will make links to her own research in infrastructure governance and regulation. Chairing the discussion will be Professor Gordon Mackerron, (Co-Director of The Sussex Energy Group).

RampionRampion Offshore Wind is off the Coast of Brighton and Hove.

This event forms part of a five-day professional development course, hosted by SPRU at the University of Sussex. The course focuses on innovation policies, at national and transnational levels, in relation to the dramatic social, technological, environmental and geopolitical shifts across the globe. Guided by SPRU faculty, all experts in science, technology and innovation policy studies, an international cohort of policy professionals and researchers will engage with a range of perspectives on this issue and explore potential, practical solutions.

Professional development courses from SPRU

SPRU offers an annual training course with a different thematic focus each year. We also create bespoke courses with governmental and non-governmental organisations and collaborative research programmes as well as executive education programmes. SPRU faculty are now developing the 2019 course, which will engage with the latest emerging trends in the innovation policy field.

Professor Johan Schot, Director of SPRU, had the following to say about SPRU’s training opportunities:

“SPRU has an excellent reputation worldwide for being at the forefront of research on science, technology and innovation policy. SPRU training initiatives are a great opportunity for this research to achieve real impact by bringing this valuable work to international policy audiences. These courses, with the guidance and support of our expert faculty, equip policy professionals to translate cutting-edge research into practical policies.”

Further information

For more information on future training offerings, including plans for our 2019 course, please email us: SPRUTraining@sussex.ac.uk

Further information on SPRU Training and this year’s course is available on the SPRU Training web page.

To find out more about the i360, visit the website.