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SPRU academic awarded for teaching excellence

Dr Josh Siepel, SPRU Lecturer in Management, has been given a prestigious award for Outstanding or Innovative Postgraduate Teaching in the University's annual 'Excellence in Teaching Awards'. This Award scheme is highly contested across the University of Sussex. 

Josh said “It is a tremendous honour to receive this award.  I genuinely love teaching, and it is an absolute pleasure to teach our fantastic students.  SPRU has long prided itself on excellent, research-led teaching and my aim is to continue this tradition.”

One of 41 winners from across the university, including 9 from the School of Business Management and Economics where SPRU is based, Dr Siepel runs a number of postgraduate modules including Risk Management, Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategic Management,   and also convenes the Strategy and Leadership module on the Sussex MBA. He also regularly supervises MSc students and PhD students. 

Dr Puay Tang, Director of Teaching and Learning for SPRU, said: "I am so delighted for Josh!  He really is an outstanding teacher, always ready to help out without grumbling, and is a ‘“natural’ at engaging his students. I often see groups of students parked outside his office. Josh is indeed an example of SPRU’s excellent research led teaching.Congratulations to Josh. He has more than earned this award.”

The panel that assessed nominations from across the university outlined the reasons for Josh's award: "Josh receives consistently high praise from students and colleagues for his engaging, thoughtful and stimulating style of teaching. He deserves special recognition for his efforts to adapt his teaching approach to changing scale and diversity and has had great success in eliciting active participation by international students."

Dr Siepel researches and teaches in the areas of management, entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurial finance and policy.  He has over eight years experience working in these areas, including projects funded by BIS, ESRC, NESTA, the British Venture Capital Association and the EU.  He studied both an MSc in Science Policy and his PhD at SPRU which was on the development of the venture capital sectors in the US and the UK. 

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