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South African Sussex alumni at the heart of innovation and development

17 July 2018

South African alumni discuss innovation and regional development at alumni meet up in Johannesburg.

Student-led social enterprise tackling iron deficiency in Nepal shortlisted for national Green Gown award

13 July 2018

Project 36, an Enactus project founded by Economics and International Development student Chris Youngman, has been shortlisted for a Green Gown award.

“Regulatory barriers likely to be contentious and most significant obstacles to UK-US trade”

12 July 2018

UKTPO's latest research explores public support for, the benefits of and the key obstacles to a UK-US trade agreement.

Business school changes name

15 June 2018

The School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) has changed its name to University of Sussex Business School with immediate effect.

Obituary: Professor David Dyker

14 June 2018

Professor David Dyker, who died on 9 June, aged 73, was one of the founders of the Economics department and the former School of European Studies.

International trade policy expert speaks to NATO

31 May 2018

L. Alan Winters, Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory, provided an overview to NATO of the barriers to free international trade.

Financial trading competition boosts employability by giving Sussex students hands-on experience of capital markets

29 May 2018

Over 80 students across the University took part in a week-long trading competition co-organised by the School of Business, Management and Economics.

Come and get involved with the Language Cafe next year

23 May 2018

Language Cafe is a great way of making friends and building skills.

Sussex-Renmin Strategic Joint Fund makes first awards

22 May 2018

The first awards have been made for a new strategic joint fund to support collaborative research between Sussex and Renmin University of China.

Analysing the 2011 riots: Why the emotional impact extended far beyond the affected communities

10 May 2018

New research investigating the emotional effects of the 2011 riots in England has found that black neighbourhoods were particularly severely impacted.

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