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Free period in the School of Life Sciences

An initiative to provide free period products will be launched in the School of Life Sciences in January 2020.

A team of staff across the University, including Kristy Flowers, Life Sciences Teaching Lab Supervisor, are piloting the scheme in the CRPC and John Maynard Smith Building toilets with the hopes of eventually reaching the wider University.

They plan to place free period products in baskets in the toilets to alleviate some of the stress around periods.

Kristy Flowers said: “For a few years I have been aware of the issues surrounding period poverty - a horrible phrase in itself. Historically and culturally periods have been stigmatised. For some they are something to hide and be ashamed of. When you add to this the affordability issues facing some people then provision of readily available, free, no strings attached period products seems a no brainer! Note no use of the term ‘sanitary’ as that implies that this natural occurrence is something unsanitary and to be ashamed of!

“If this provision helps just a few women, non-binary people and trans men to deal with all the other stressors in their day with work, education and life in general then to me that is a win. A few like-minded people here on campus have felt that this is a way to show our support for each other and show some kindness, respect and support in a minor way which can mean so much to someone struggling with everything else and a period to boot!

“So please, do feel free to use (not abuse) the products that will be appearing in the new year in the toilets around JMS and CRPC. If you can afford to give back then great, there is a donation box in the School Office, or just pop a fresh product in one of the baskets. We are hoping that this is something that will become a campus wide initiative eventually but for now we have this pilot scheme to offer support and period dignity to our School Community…Oh and have a bloody good Christmas!”       

Anyone can donate new and unused pads, tampons, period pants and moon cups wrapped in their original packing in the Life Sciences School Office in the JMS Building.

The Students’ Union already provide free period products, drug testing kits, condoms and more every Wednesday.

If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved in the University period dignity scheme, contact

By: Jessica Gowers
Last updated: Thursday, 19 December 2019