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Sign up for Sussex Moves, our free campus-wide wellbeing platform

Sign up for Sussex Moves, our new campus-wide wellbeing platform!

The free web-app enables you to sync your fitness trackers or wearable tech so that you earn Move points every time you’re active. Connect with friends to create challenges, track your progress and exchange Move points for rewards to use online and on campus.

If you don't currently use a fitness tracker, there are lots of fantastic free ones that are compatible with Sussex Moves, visit Sussexsport’s webpage to find out more and check out their handy sign up guide.

Commit to Get Far campus challenge

To celebrate the launch of Sussex Moves, we are challenging the campus community to work together to achieve 50 million steps in 30 days. That's the equivalent of 960 marathons or 25,000 miles, the distance to go around the world. Yes that's right - we are going Around the World in 30 Days!  

Click on the 'Challenge' tab of Sussex Moves to find out more about our Commit to Get Far campus challenge.

Your activity will be converted to Move points: we're aiming to reach 165,000 points as a campus, which will take us on a tour of the globe. 

  • The challenge runs from Monday 29 January-Tuesday 27 February and you can use points you earn towards rewards that offer discounts online and on campus. You'll get 100 points just for registering and even more for every friend you invite, so sign up now!

To find out more about Sussexsport's Around the World in 30 Days campus challenge, contact Deputy Head of Sport, Terry Cooper:

For queries about Sussex Moves, email:

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Last updated: Tuesday, 23 January 2018