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Informing Japanese investment in Czech Republic

Dr Norifumi Kawai is working with key people and institutions in the Czech government and industry to help inform the activities of Japanese investors in the Czech Republic.

Large cargo ship transporting shipping containers overseas

The volume of Japanese foreign direct investment into the Czech Republic ranks second after that of Germany. There are some 232 Japanese companies in the country investing $3 billion and employing over 44,000 Czechs.

Based on his extensive research on Japanese, Korean and Chinese multinational enterprises in Europe, Dr Kawai is sharing his expert knowledge on strategy, structure, and performance with:

  • The President of the Czech Republic and other Czech ministers including the Minister of Industry and Trade, and the Minister of Regional Development
  • CEOs of Japanese multinational companies in the country, notably Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Toyota
  • Japanese, German and French diplomats and ambassadors

Dr Kawai has developed a comparative analysis of the impact of Japanese multinational corporations on the Czech economy, compared with investors from People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea.

Invited by the Japanese Exchange Trade Organisation, in co-ordination with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Czech Republic as well as the Japanese Embassy in Czech Republic, Dr Kawai's analysis plays a key role in informing the activities of Japanese investors in the Czech Republic.