Department of Politics

Postgraduate study

You can choose to study our Masters in Corruption and Governance, and benefit from our vibrant research environment and activities within our research centres

Key facts about Politics at Sussex 
  • Sussex is home to the only interdisciplinary MA in the UK looking at corruption and governance
  • You can also do postgraduate research courses including a PhD in Contemporary European Studies or Politics, and MPhil in Contemporary European Studies or Politics.
  • Undertake research within our world-leading research centres including the Sussex European Institute, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the study of European integration, and the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption
  • You will benefit from research seminars by leading scholars and practitioners from around the world as well as workshops and conferences organised by research centres.
  • Access to the European Documentation Centre (within the university library), which has a range of research materials on European institutions, economics and politics.
Alasdair Young, former student, now Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Glasgow

"Pursuing my postgraduate studies were demanding, stimulating and enjoyable and there are opportunities to engage with impressive academics and practitioners in the seminar series and frequent workshops. 

"You can also participate in research and consultancy projects, which was a source of income and a valuable learning experience. My professional development benefited greatly from the support I received from staff members, my supervisor and students.

"I also enjoyed living in Brighton, and the easy access to London and Gatwick Airport were a boon to my fieldwork.

"Making the most of the opportunities available at Sussex helped me greatly in securing a post-doctoral fellowship at the European University Institute and equipped me extremely well for academic life."