Sussex Humanities Lab


Sussex Humanities Lab Core Team


Prof Caroline Bassett 
Professor of Media and Communications


Prof David Berry
Professor of Digital Humanities (Media and Film, Music)

Prof Tim Hitchcock 
Professor of Digital History (History)

Prof Rachel Thomson  
Professor of Childhood & Youth Studies (Social Work and Social Care)  

Prof David Weir
Professor of Computer Science (Informatics)


Amelia Wakeford
Project Manager

Kate Malone

Alex Peverett
Research Technician 

Core Associates

Dr Jeremy Reffin
Research Fellow (Informatics)

Ms Joanna Ball
Head of Academic Services & Special Collections (Library)

Ms Fiona Courage
Special Collections Manager & Mass Observation Curator (Library)

Dr Alice Eldridge
Lecturer in Music (Music)

Dr Chris Kiefer
Lecturer in Music Technology (Music)

Dr Julie Weeds
Lecturer in Computer Science (Informatics)

Louise Falcini
Research Fellow in History (History)

Sussex Humanities Lab Faculty

Dr Alban Webb
Lecturer in Digital Humanities (Media and Film)

Dr Liam Berriman
Lecturer in Digital Humanities (Social Work and Social Care)

Dr Ben Roberts
Lecturer in Digital Humanities (Media and Film)

Dr Sharon Webb
Lecturer in Digital Humanities (History)

Dr James Baker
Lecturer in Digital Humanities (History)

Dr Beatrice Fazi
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Media and Film)

Mr Andrew Robertson
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Informatics)

Dr Ben Jackson
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Library)

Mr Jack Pay
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Informatics)

Mr Simon Wibberley
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Informatics)

Mr David Banks
Full Stack Web Developer and Data Visualisation Research Fellow (History)

Dr Alexander Butterworth
Post-doctoral Fellow in Digital Publishing and Data Visualisation (History/Informatics)

Dr Andrew Salway
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities

Visiting Professor

Prof Sally Jane Norman  
Director and Professor at New Zealand School of Music

Sussex Humanities Lab Doctoral Students

Miss Kaitlyn Marie Braybrooke
Research Student (Sussex Humanities Lab)

Miss Emma Harrison
Research Student (Sussex Humanities Lab)

Mr Wesley Goatley
Research Student (Sussex Humanities Lab)

Mr Manuel Alejandro Cruz Martinez
Research Student (Sussex Humanities Lab)

Mr Nathan Richards
Research Student (Sussex Humanities Lab)


Sussex Humanities Lab Associates


Jackie Cassell, Chair in Primary Care Epidemiology (Primary Care & Public Health) 

Business, Management and Economics

Paul Nightingale, Professor of Strategy (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit, Business and Management)

Johan Schot, Director of SPRU (SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit)

Adrian Smith, Professor of Technology and Society (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit)

Ed Steinmueller, Professor of Information & Communication Technology Policy (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit, Business and Management)

Education and Social Work

Barbara Crossouard, Senior Lecturer in Education (Education)

Gillian Hampden-Thompson, Professor of Education (Education)

Duncan Mackrill, Senior Lecturer in Education (Education)

Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Lecturer in Social Work (Social Work and Social Care)

John Pryor, Professor of Education and Social Research (Education)

Denise Turner, Lecturer in Social Work And Social Care (Social Work and Social Care)

Engineering and Informatics

Maggie Boden, Research Professor of Cognitive Science (Informatics)

John Carroll, Professor of Computational Linguistics (Informatics)

Ron Chrisley, Reader in Philosophy (Informatics, Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems Research Group, Centre for Cognitive Science)

Judith Good, Reader in Informatics (Informatics)

Kate Howland, Lecturer in Interaction Design (Informatics) 

Ann Light, Professor of Creative Technology (Engineering and Design) 

Marianna Obrist, Reader in Interaction Design (Informatics)

Jeremy Reffin, Research Fellow (Informatics)

Anil Seth, Professor of Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience (Informatics, Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science)

Chris Thornton, Lecturer in Computing Science (Informatics)

Phil Watten, Media Technology Manager (Informatics)

Martin White (Reader in Computer Science (Informatics)

School of English

Peter Boxall, Professor of English (Centre for Creative and Critical Thought)

Lynne Cahill, Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics (English)

Natalia Cecire, Lecturer in English & American Literature (English) 

Sue Currell, Reader in American Literature (English, Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies, American Studies)

Michael Jonik, Lecturer in English & American Literature (English, American Studies) 

Justyna Robinson, Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics (English)

Nicholas Royle, Professor of English (Centre for Literature and Philosophy, Centre for Creative and Critical Thought)

Bethan Stevens, Lecturer in English and Creative & Critical Writing (English)

Pam Thurschwell, Senior Lecturer in English (English)

Global Studies

Andrea Cornwall, Professor of Anthropology and International Development (Anthropology, International Development)

James Fairhead, Professor of Social Anthropology (Anthropology)

Evan Killick, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and International Development (Anthropology, International Development)

Melissa Lazenby, Associate Tutor (Geography)

Alan Lester, Professor of Historical Geography (Geography, Cultural Studies, International Development)

Cynthia Weber, Professor of International Relations (International Relations, Sussex Centre for Migration Research, International Development)

History, Art History and Philosophy

Benedict Burbridge, Senior Lecturer in Art History (Art History)

Meaghan Clarke, Senior Lecturer in Art History (Art History)

Vinita Damodaran, Senior Lecturer in South Asian History (History, International Development)

Paul Davies, Reader in Philosophy (Philosophy, Centre for Literature and Philosophy) 

Flora Dennis, Senior Lecturer in Art History (Art History, Cultural Studies)

Gordan Finlayson, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy (Philosophy) 

Clare Langhamer, Head of Department (History) 

Jacob Norris, Lecturer in Middle East History (History, Sussex Centre for Migration Research)

Gideon Reuveni, Reader in History/Director of the Centre for German Jewish Studies (History)

Katharina Rietzler, Lecturer in American History

Lucy Robinson, Senior Lecturer in History (History, Centre for the History of War and Society, Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence) 

Darrow Schecter, Reader in Critical Theory (History)

Claudia Siebrecht, Senior Lecturer in History (History)

Francesco Ventrella, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (Art History)

Christopher Warne, Head of Department (History) 

Rob Waters, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (History)


John Gaventas (Director of Research)

Pauline Oosterhoff (Fellow) 

Meliz Tadros (Power and Popular Politics / Conflict and Violence clusters)

Law, Politics and Sociology

Sabrina Gilani, Lecturer in Canadian Law (Law)

Chris Marsden, Professor of Media Law (Law)

Jo Moran-Ellis, Professor Of Sociology (Sociology)

Jennifer Platt, Emeritus Professor (Sociology)

Catherine Will, Senior Lecturer in Sociology (Sociology)

Dean Wilson, Professor of Criminology (Sociology)

Nicolo Zingales, Lecturer in Competition and Information Law (Law)


Amy Waldron, Digital Development Manager (Library)

Life Sciences

Mika Peck, Lecturer in Biology, (Evolution, Behaviour and Environment)

Maths and Physical Sciences

Antonella De Santo, Professor of Physics (Physics and Astronomy)

Seb Oliver, Professor of Astrophysics (Physics and Astronomy, Astronomy Centre)

Media, Film and Music

Trine Berry, Doctoral Tutor (Media and Film)

Danny Bright, Lecturer in Music and Music Technology (Music)

Michael Bull, Professor of Sound Studies (Media and Film)

Andrew Duff, Teaching Fellow (Media and Film, Centre for Material Digital Culture

Cecile Chevalier, Media Practice Teaching Fellow (Creativemedia Practice) (Media and Film) 

Emile Devereaux, Senior Lecturer In Digital Media (Media and Film)

Evelyn Ficarra, Lecturer in Music Theatre (Music) 

Ivor Gaber, Professor of Journalism (Media and Film)

Lee Gooding, Senior Teaching Fellow (Media and Film)

Catherine Grant, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies (Media and Film) 

David Hendy, Professor of Media & Communication (Media and Film) 

Tim Hopkins, Research Fellow (Music, Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre)

Ed Hughes, Professor of Composition in Music (Music)

Margaretta Jolly, Reader in Cultural Studies (Media and Film, Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies)

Tim Jordan, Professor of Digital Cultures (Media and Film), Head of School (School of Media, Film and Music) 

Tanya Kant, Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies (Media and Film)

Kate Lacey, Professor of Media History & Theory (Media and Fillm)

Eleftheria Lekakis, Lecturer in Media And Communication (Media and Film)

Thor Magnusson, Lecturer in Music (Music) 

Sarah Maltby, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication (Media and Film)

Paul McConnell, Teaching Fellow (Media and Film)

Sharif Mowlabocus, Senior Lecturer of Media Studies/Digital Media (Media and Film, Centre for Material Digital Culture)

Kate O’Riordan, Reader in Media (Media and Film, School of Media, Film and Music, Centre for Material Digital Culture) 

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, Associate Tutor (Music)

Pollyanna Ruiz,Lecturer (Media and Film)

Lisa Squire-Smith, Associate Tutor (Media and Film)

Lizzie Thynne, Reader in Film (Media and Film)

Carina Westling, Associate Tutor (Media and Film)


Robin Banerjee, Professor of Developmental Psychology (Psychology)

Giles Hamilton-Fletcher, Visiting Researcher (Psychology)

Zoltan Dienes, Professor in Experimental Psychology (Psychology, Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science)

Nicola Yuill, Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Psychology)

Sussex Humanities Lab Associate Research Students

Sian Aggett (Anthropology)

Yilmaz Aliskan (Media and Film)

Yusef Bakkali (Sociology)

Sam Bernard (Sociology)

María Bjarnadóttir (Law)

Angelo Gianpaolo Bucci (Media, Film and Music)

Stephany Carolan (Psychology)

Naomi Daw (History, Art History and Philosophy)

Esra Demirkol (Sociology)

Louise de Azambuja Elali (Media, Film and Music)

Matthew Ellis (Social Work and Social Care)

Hadir Elshafay (International Development)

Iain Emsley (Media, Film and Music)

Stephen J Fortune (Media and Film)

Aide Violeta Fuentes Barron (Media, Film and Music)

Kate Genevieve (Media and Film)

Chris Girvan (Psychology)

Ian John Grant (Media and Film)

Clifford Hammett (Media, Film and Music)

Catherine Hennessy (Brighton & Sussex Medical School)

Aysenur Karabulut (Media and Film)

John Levin (History)

Mujie Li (Media and Film)

Alessio Francesco Marinoni (Music)

Paola Moscoso (Life Sciences)

Enrico Natale (Media and Film)

Cynthia G Okpokiri (Social Work and Social Care)

Jessica Oliver (English)

Tom Ottway (Media, Film and Music)

Tasleem Rana (Social Work and Social Care)

Matthew Read (English)

Abigail Rieley (History)

Heyla Selim (Psychology)

George Siantonas (Science and Technology policy)

Joy Stacey (MFM/HAHP)

Jack Stockdale (BSMS)

Marie Tuley (Sociology/Gender Studies)

Halldór Úlfarsson (Music)

Joseph M Watson (Music)

Elsie LR Whittington (Social Work and Social Care)

Zoha Zokaei (Critical and Creative Practice - MFM)


See also our 
Visiting fellows and visitors scheme for details of current and past visitors to SHL.