Teaching, learning and assessment

Teaching and learning

We teach through a combination of lectures, workshops, tutorials and small group seminars. Laboratory practicals, fieldwork and field courses are also an essential part of our degrees. Small-group teaching, where one lecturer works with five to 10 students, is a hallmark of Sussex. These classes allow you to get to know both your tutors and other students in the group, and to talk in a friendly and supportive environment. To give useful feedback on degree-level study and to develop skills that will be useful when you move into a career, we assess progress throughout your study. In adddition to knowledge of the subject, you will also gain skills including verbal and written communication, data analysis and the ability to work in a team.


  • End-of-year examinations are the main mode of assessment. Some modules are assessed on practical work and group projects.
  • Projects or dissertations are used for assessment at later stages of the degree.
  • Your final degree result is based on the assessment for the second and later years only. It is necessary to pass the first-year exams to enter the second year and to pass the second-year exams to enter the third year. (Resits are available  for those who fail.)