Department of Anthropology

Anthropology PhD study at Sussex

As an Anthropology PhD student, you'll be part of an active research community involving visiting doctoral students from overseas, postdoctoral fellows and our own faculty.

Research areas

We recruit students who want to do research in the main areas of our faculty interests.

These are generally concerned with issues of power and inequality, and cover - among other issues - anthropologies of gender, development, science, modernity, globalisation and identity, health and medicine, migration and transnationalism, religion and representation, heritage, performance, political movements, conflict and violence, and human rights and environment.

Support and facilities

You'll be allocated two supervisors and you'll have access to computer facilties and office space.

To help support you in your research, you'll have full access to the University's main Library and to the world-famous British Library of Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), which is located on the Sussex campus.

Collaboration with research groups

There is close academic collaboration between Social Anthropology faculty and the other subject groups and interdisciplinary research centres, notably History, Migration Studies, Geography and Gender Studies.

Particularly important links have been developed with the Insitute of Development Studies (IDS)  and the Graduate Research Centre in Legal Studies

Contact us

Email Peter Luetchford, Anthropology Postgraduate Convenor at for information on postgraduate and PhD research in anthropology.