Human Resources

MyView Paid, Unpaid, Volunteer, Maternity/Adoption and Sponsored Staff Travel

MyView can be used to request short term paid and unpaid leave, we would advise you to discuss this with your line manager first and also to read our policies if you are unsure if the leave you are requesting should be paid.

You can book this leave by clicking on the Request dropdown and Book New Leave on your MyView dashboard:


Paid Leave
Can we use the Paid Leave option to record leave carried forward from 21/22?

Yes, you and your manager will need to have a record of how much leave you are carrying over as there will not be a record of entitlement on MyView.

You can click on 'Request' on your MyView dashboard and then click on Book New Leave, choose Paid Leave and insert a comment for your manager such as 'using up my remaining leave from 21/22', your manager can then approve this leave and it will show in your team calendar.  

Once your 21/22 leave has been used, you can then book holiday via MyView.

At the end of the leave year 22/23, MyView will automatically carry over any outstanding leave of up to 5 days pro rata to the next leave year. 

Requesting time off for a medical appointment

From your dashboard, click on the dropdown and choose 'book new leave', then choose 'paid leave'.

You can use the comments box if required, then choose the date and time of the appointment and choose 'medical appointment' from the dropdown.

This request will go to your manager and they can then approve.

A screenshot of the MyView "book new leave - paid leave" screen, with a circled dropdown menu specifying the leave to be a paid medical appointment

Requesting flexi leave or lieu (TOIL) days

These days can be recorded in MyView using the reason 'other paid leave' and remarking in the comments box that this is flexi leave. We would suggest that this is used for half or full days flexi and not for one or two hours.  MyView does not record an entitlement for this leave so it will need to be monitored using your current flexi system/spreadsheet.

 Unpaid Leave

Requesting general unpaid leave

Unpaid leave can be requested via MyView and the approval will go to your line manager and then directly to the Payroll department.

If you are requesting unpaid leave for more than two weeks we may need to contact you and your manager to establish who will be paying your pension contributions during this time.  If you receive a request for this information please ensure it is returned immediately so that a letter can be written to you to confirm the details. 

Requesting compassionate, dependents and parental leave

Before requesting unpaid leave for these reasons please ensure you have read and discussed the policies with your line manager.

Unpaid Parental Leave

MyView should be used to request unpaid parental leave, if you are taking a full day/week and there is a minimum service day or bank holiday during your unpaid parental leave please delete these bookings and the hours will return to your entitlement.  You can then enter your unpaid parental leave as a block.

If you are using unpaid parental leave to reduce your hours, this can be submitted via MyView but we suggest that you only submit these changes for up to two months at a time.  This reduces the amount of emails and authorisations your line manager and payroll will receive during this period and avoids you having to delete future bookings if your circumstances change.

Volunteer Leave

How do I find out more about volunteer leave?

Please see the Staff Volunteering Policy and procedure for more information, this can also be found on the Sustainability policies website.

Requesting Volunteer Leave

Firstly, please ensure you have discussed this leave with your line manager before you submit this request.

To book Volunteering leave, select the "Book New Leave" dropdown option from the Leave Management widget on the front page of MyView.

A screenshot of the MyView dashboard, with the "Book new Leave" button highlighted

Then select "Volunteer Leave" from the list of available leave types.

A screenshot of the different types of leave requestable in MyView, with "Volunteer leave" circled

Booking full days of volunteer leave:

A screenshot of a full day of Volunteer leave being reqested, with the date entires and the submit button being highlighted

In order to request a single full day's volunteering leave, enter the same start and end date, and select the Full Day option - MyView will then fill in the Total Time field according to the working pattern associated with your MyView account, if this needs to be edited please submit a Working Pattern form from the "My Forms" dropdown on the left hand side of MyView.

Please remember to scroll down slightly to show the "Confirm" button and to click it after all details have been filled in, otherwise the submission will not be recorded.

Booking part days of volunteer leave:

A screenshot of the MyView part day volunteer booking screen, with the hours and the submit button highlighted

In order to request a part day's volunteering leave, please click the "Part Day" button after filling in the start and end dates, and then enter the number of hours to be taken off work.

Please remember to scroll down slightly to show the "Confirm" button and to click it after all details have been filled in, otherwise the submission will not be recorded.

A screenshot of the MyView Leave submitted message

Only when you are shown this message has the Volunteer Leave request sucessfully been sent to your manager for approval.

Maternity/adoption Leave
Holiday on MyView when on maternity/adoption leave

Before you go on maternity/adoption leave

  • If you are part time or compressed hours, please ensure that you have booked all of the bank holidays and minimum service days that fall on your normal working days before the start date of your maternity/adoption leave.

  • Once you have advised your start date via the maternity/adoption leave form on MyView, HR will write to to you to confirm the details of your leave.

  • In the month that your maternity/adoption leave starts, the dates of your full 52 week maternity/adoption leave entitlement will be entered onto MyView and if there are any bank holidays or minimum service days booked during these weeks they will be deleted and the hours are returned to the 'Leave Available' section on MyView, these hours together with any holiday you have not been able to take, can be taken when you return.

  • If you are on maternity leave on the 1st October, all of your outstanding holiday from the previous year will be carried over to the next year's entitlement.

Returning from maternity/adoption leave

  • If you have followed the process above, MyView will display how much holiday entitlement you have remaining under 'Leave Available'.
    • If you carried over leave from 2021/22, please add this to the maternity/adoption return form and we will enter this on to MyView.

  • If you decide to return earlier than the 52 week entitlement, please be aware that any previously deleted bank holidays or minimum service days that fall when you are back at work will need to be booked using your leave entitlement.

    For example, if you were due to return on 5th May but you choose to end your maternity leave on 20th April, the bank holiday on the 1st May will now need to be booked by yourself if you are part time/compressed hours or by HR if you are full time.

  • Please use the maternity/adoption leave return form on MyView to notify your end of maternity leave date.  HR will then write to you to confirm this end date.
  • If you are ending your maternity leave early, the new end date will be entered on to your Team Leave Calendar on MyView shortly after you receive the above letter from HR.  You will then be able to request any holiday, bank holidays and minimum service days.  
  • Your Team Leave Calendar on MyView will show you when the end date has been updated (see below), please note that if you are ending your maternity leave early and would like to request holiday before you return to work, you will need to wait until the dates have been amended on your calendar.