Human Resources

MyView recording sickness absence

If you are absent due to sickness:

  • you are still required to notify your line manager in the first instance. 
  • log on to MyView and record your absence (instructions below). 
  • you can access MyView without the use of a VPN from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. 
  • if you are unable to do this, your manager can record this for you or they may advise you to record the dates when you return to work if the sickness is short term.
  • if you are recording one day's absence, the start and end date of your leave must be the same date
  • if you are still unwell the next day, please amend the end date by editing your original submission (instructions below)
  • if you are aware that you will be absent for a longer period you can of course put in the exact dates.
  • sickness absence should be recorded either side of a bank holiday and minimum service day, do not delete these days

The University recognises that it has a duty of care to all employees, in order to enable this duty to be exercised the University requests that you declare your reason for absence using one of the options in the drop down list.  However, you should be aware that there is no obligation for you to declare this when using the absence module, where this is the case please choose 'unspecified (not given)'.

Recording your own sickness absence

From your dashboard click on the 'Request' dropdown on the Leave Management widget and choose 'Notify Sickness'.  

a screenshot of the MyView dashboard with the "notify new sickness" button in the dropdown below the request leave button circled

You will then be taken to this screen where you can select the To and From dates of your absence and also declare the reason and certification type for this absence.  All absence is in days regardless of your working pattern. Copies of certificates should be emailed to your payroll contact.

Please note that if you are recording your absence one day at a time as you are unsure of when you will return, the 'To' date should be the same date as the 'From' date.  You will see that only one sick day will then be recorded.

A screenshot of the myview "notify new sickness" screen, with the to and from dates of the sickess circled showing that they are the same

Now click submit and a notification will also be sent to your manager.

If you are absent again the next day you should click on the Sickness Absence date in your Team Leave Calendar and click EDIT, you can then amend the end date and submit.

A screenshot of the myview "My Leave and Team Calendar Page" with the "view details" of a sickness entry highlighted