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MyView for Managers - authorising leave

Authorising holiday for staff that work part time or full time compressed hours or shift work - Please note that it is also the manager's responsibility for ensuring that their team member books the hours they would have worked on the bank holidays and minimum service days that fall on their normal working days.  You can check this by going to My People, My Team Holiday Entitlement and selecting the staff member, the bank holidays and minimum service days are 'greyed out' and will have an 'h' on them if the staff member has booked that day.


This video will show you how to authorise your Team’s holiday and other leave

You will receive an email notification when a member of your team has submitted a request to take, amend or delete leave, such as holiday.

In MyView go to the authorisations widget on your dashboard

Click on the dropdown and it will show you the team members that have requested leave. 

The authorisations will stay on your dashboard for 17 days and if they are not processed they will escalate to your line manager where they will have 8 days to authorise the request before it is timed out and returned to the staff member without authorisation.

If you hover your mouse next to their name it will reveal a cross, tick and an information symbol.  If you click on the information symbol it will show you the details of the request

The actions available are to ADD, which is a new request, EDIT which is to amend their original request and DELETE.

This request is for Frank to take 7.3 hours holiday on the 18th August and he has left a comment for his manager,

Fran would like to DELETE her holiday for 13th to 16th June,

Paula has edited her dates and advised her manager in the comments that she originally booked the wrong dates.  Paula has also stated that this date is for a bank holiday so you may wish to authorise the straight away.  You can do this by clicking on the tick or the cross to approve or decline and then press submit. 

If you would prefer to see more details of the request you can click on their name and approve or decline from here.

You can access the Team calendar from this screen to check if anyone else is off at this time.

If the person you are approving has been delegated to you by a manager from another team, you will see their team calendar at this stage.  You can also use this calendar to check that they have booked their bank holidays and minimum service days if they are part time, before you approve the holiday. 


You can also access the staff members holiday entitlement to check that they have enough leave for this request.  CANCEL You can now approve or decline this request.

If you are the manager of a part time staff member you can also view their holiday calendar to check if they have booked their bank holidays and minimum service days, by clicking on My People in the top left hand corner of your screen and My Team holiday entitlement and then selecting their name. 

You can see from this example that Paula, who started at the University on the 1st June, has booked the bank holidays that she would have worked on the 2nd and 3rd June and the 29th August.   We suggest this check is carried out at the beginning of the holiday year or at the start of their appointment if they are a new member of the team.  If the staff members hours change during the year, the hours on these dates that are booked for the future will need to be amended.

If you return to the dashboard by clicking on the ME tab in the top left hand corner and then dashboard, you can continue with the authorisations.

You can choose not to action all of the requests at one time and only submit as appropriate.

The staff member will now receive an email notification

Authorising Leave - step by step screens

On your dashboard there is an Authorisation widget, click on the 'Time Mgmt Absence' drop down as below 

A screenshot of myview with the authorise abscence widget circled

Then click on the 'i' next to the staff member's name and the following screen will pop up with a summary of the request