Human Resources

MyView for Managers - calculating entitlement when leaving

Please note that holiday will not automatically be taken from MyView upon leaving, the manager must confirm the amount to HR following the instructions below:


  1. Please contact the HR Systems team and they will advise you of any outstanding holiday entitlement. 
  2. They will require the staff member's name, job title and/or payroll number and also the final date of employment. 
  3. This figure will be provided to you on the assumption that all holiday has been booked via MyView, including the bank holidays and minimum service days.
  4. The line manager will then be responsible for confirming the amount of leave to be paid to the staff member upon leaving, by completing the leavers form.

Fixed term contracts

  1. Holiday is already pro-rated to the end of a fixed term contract, so any remaining holiday will show on MyView.
  2. The manager can also see any outstanding leave for the team member by clicking on My People at the top left hand corner of MyView, then My Team Holiday Entitlement, choose the staff member and then scroll down to View Entitlement Details.
  3. If the staff member was unable to take all of their leave before the end of the fixed term contract please email your HR Business Services Coordinator as soon possible to advise them of any leave that should be paid to them upon leaving.

Part time, Part year Contracts

  1. Please contact your HR Business Services Coordinator as they will require a list of the hours and dates the staff member has worked and also the dates taken as holiday.