Human Resources

For Managers

Please take some time to read the information below and click on each item to see the guidance videos and screenshots to assist with using this new system.

Your direct reports
  • You can check that your team members are correct by clicking on My People on the top left hand corner of MyView, your direct reports will be shown here. Please note that this information will be taken from the appointment form for new starters and transfers and you will be able to see your new staff by the 15th of the month following their appointment.

  • If you are missing a direct report or you see a staff member that you do not line manage and it has passed the 15th of the month following your start or transfer date please email your HR Admin contact and they will rectify this for you.

My Team holiday and absence entitlement
  • You must ensure that all staff that work part time, full time compressed hours, or shift work use their holiday entitlement to book the bank holidays and minimum service days that fall on their normal working days. You can check this by clicking on the My People tab on the top left hand corner of MyView and then My Team Calendar & Entitlement and select the staff member.  You will then be shown a calendar of their leave.  These days will be 'greyed' out and they will have an 'h' on them if they have been booked.

Delegating authorisation to a colleague or team member
  • You can delegate your whole team or individual team members to a colleague or team member so that they can assist you with authorising holiday.

  • There is also a tick box for you to decide if you can both authorise the requests or if you would like to suppress the notifications so that they do not come to you and only your delegate is notified of the request.

  • Please note that sick notifications will only come to you and not the delegate, but these do not require authorisation.
Authorising holiday
  • Please note that you will receive notifications by email when your team request leave and also when they amend or delete the dates.

  • The request will stay on your MyView dashboard for 17 days and will then escalate to your line manager if it has not been actioned.

  • If the manager post is vacant, the requests will automatically go to the next line manager for authorisation until the post is filled.

  • They will be required to amend any future holiday that has been booked if their hours change.
Recording Holiday and Leave for your staff
  • Go to My Leave and Team Calendar on the left hand side of MyView, click on Team Leave Calendar at the top of this screen
  • Find the staff member under your direct reports, go to the date on the calendar that you would like to book and click on it
  • Choose 'Book New Leave', choose the approriate leave category, add the dates and submit.
  • An email will be sent to the staff member upon submission.

If there is a bank holiday or minimum service day in the middle of this leave, you will need to record the leave around these dates, do not delete them.

Recording sickness absence
  • Your direct reports are still required to contact you when they are absent from work due to sickness.  They should then record their absence via MyView or you can do this for them.

  • To extend sickness absence, you must go to the Team Leave Calendar and change the end date, do not start a new record unless there is a bank holiday or minimum service day during the absence.
Recording paid and unpaid leave
  • You will also be required to authorise requests for paid and unpaid leave.

  • The Payroll department will receive notification of any unpaid leave once it has been approved. 
Staff leaving the University
  • If one of your team resigns, you can contact the HR Systems team to ascertain their outstanding holiday allowance.

  • You will then need to discuss any remaining holiday they wish to take before they leave, if there is any remaining balance to be paid upon leaving, you will be responsible for stating this on the leaver form to notify the HR department.

  • If they are on a fixed term contract their holiday entitlement has already been pro-rated to their end date.  If they have outstanding holiday entitlement to be paid to them you will need to notify your HR Coordinator by email before they leave.

  • MyView will NOT automatically pay outstanding holiday entitlement upon leaving.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Please check here for any questions that have not been answered above or on the website, if you have any futher questions please contact the HR Systems team.