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Delegating the Responsibility & Authorisation of Leave

Delegating Authorisation to another staff member - this allows another staff member to assist with authorising the leave requests from your team

Delegating Responsibility to another member of your team - this allows another staff member to input leave and sickness for your team when required and also gives them access to your team's leave calendar. *Confidential information, please see 'Delegating Responsibility' below, for process requirements required by you'

You can delegate one or both of the above via the procedures below:

How to delegate authorisation on MyView as the manager

This process will allow you to delegate the authorisation of holiday and other leave to another individual. This is also beneficial if you are on leave unexpectedly and you authorise another staff member to approve in your absence, this will also stop the request escalating to your line manager if it has not been approved.

Please note that you can now delegate to someone outside of your team.

Please watch this video for guidance on how to set up a new delegation or see the slides below:

Transcript of video

This video will show you how to delegate approval of leave to a member of your team

You can delegate the authorisation of leave to one or more members of your team.  Please note that sickness absence notifications will still come to you as the manager and you will be the only person that can see a sickness absence reason if it is submitted.

Click on My Delegations on the left hand side, then View Delegation Rules, click Add New

Make sure Authorisations is ticked and give the Delegation a name, such as delegate to Gary

Click on Search next to Delegate To box and search for Gary amongst your team, click continue

And now click on Select next to Delegate For, here you can choose whether to delegate people individually or if you want to delegate the whole team.  If you delegate the whole team, when new team members start this rule will also be applied to them, whereas if you delegate individually you will need to manually add new members to this rule if you wish them to be delegated.

We will choose individuals on this occasion, tick the individuals you wish to delegate and click continue

Now chose the module by clicking Select, you must choose Time Management and Leave Management modules and continue

If this delegation is temporary you can choose a start and end date,

or if you only want the authorisations to be delegated when you are showing as absent on MyView, such as when you are on leave or you have logged yourself as being off sick, you can tick the Absence box.

If this is to be permanent leave these fields blank

If you do not wish for the email notification to come to you or the notifications to appear on your authorisations dashboard in MyView you will need to tick the ‘suppress’ box.

Click submit and continue, you will now see the delegation rule you have put in place.

You can also add another delegation rule here if required.

If you wish to add or remove staff from this delegation in the future you will need to click on the Description and click edit at the bottom of the page, you can now add or remove staff in the Delegate for box.

Delegating authorisation of leave - step by step instructions

Click on My Delegations on the left hand menu of your MyView dashboard.

A screenshot of the MyView "My Delegations" page, with the "View Delegation Rules" button circled

Click on View Delegation Rules, the following screen will be displayed, Click on Add New

A screenshot of the MyView "Delegation of Responsibility and Auth" page with the "Add New" button circled

• Select the delegation Rule Type: Authorisation

A screenshot of the MyView create delegation rule page, with the Rule type "Authorisation" and delegate to "search" buttons highlighted

• Enter a Description for this rule (something that describes the rule to you such as 'delegate Assistants to Peter Church')

• Delegate To – Click on search button to select person to delegate to. The following Advanced Search screen is displayed:

a screenshot of the MyView search for delegate screen

Search and select the person you want to delegate to (they must be within your team) and click continue.

A screenshot of the MyView "Delegation of Responsibility and Auth" page with the "search" button of the Delegate For section circled

Delegate For - Click Select and tick the relevant option as explained below:

A screenshot of the selectable options of the "Delegation of Responsibility for" search screen

People Individually – enables you to create a static list of employees by selecting individual employee(s). If you choose this option you will need to manually add any new staff as and when they join by editing this delegation and adding to the 'Delegate For' field.
Direct Reports – enable you to create a dynamic list of employees who report directly to the manager.
Whole Team – enables you to create a dynamic list of employees who report directly or indirectly to the manager

Then click Continue

Module/Process Group/View - Select Leave Management AND Time Management