Human Resources

For Staff

Please take some time to read the information below and click on each item to see the guidance videos and screenshots to assist with using this new system.

New Staff
  • New members of staff will have access to MyView by the 15th of the month following their start date, if not sooner. Please use your username and IT password to access MyView.
Recording sickness absence
  • You are still required to contact your manager when you are going to be absent from work due to sickness.  You should then record your absence via MyView.

  • To extend your sickness absence, you must go to your Team Leave Calendar on MyView and change the end date until you return to work, even if there is a weekend during this period.  However, if a bank holiday or minimum service day falls during your period of sickness, you must not delete these days, please record your sickness either side of these days.  Please click on the link above to see the full instructions.
Holiday entitlement
  • All holiday is quoted in hours, to convert into days for full time staff please divide by the following hours per day: grades 1-6 is 7.3 hours, grades 7-10 is 7.5 hours, and Clinical staff is 8 hours.

  • Your holiday entitlement is calculated by adding together the annual leave allowance for your grade and the number of bank holidays and minimum service days throughout the year.  Staff who start or finish employment part way through the leave year, will be entitled to the pro-rata entitlement of annual leave, bank holidays and minimum service days, according to the number of days worked in that leave year.

  • Full time staff working regular hours - your bank holidays and minimum service days will already be booked for you.  You will see these hours under 'hours/leave taken' in your entitlement screen.

  • Part time staff and those working compressed hours or shift work - your available leave includes the entitlement for bank holidays and minimum service days, you must book these hours if they fall on your normal working days. 

    • You will also see a button called 'Confirm Planned Work Time' when you request holiday, you must ensure that the hours stated here reflect the hours you would have worked during the week you are booking off, if they do not you MUST overtype them with the correct hours. You can also complete a working pattern form if your working pattern is not correct, which will make booking holiday easier in the future.
Working patterns
  • If you are part time/shift work and would like to record your usual working pattern in MyView please use the working pattern forms on MyView to notify HR.  Please note that these are only added to MyView so that you do not have to input the same pattern each time you book holiday if you work the same pattern on a regular basis. If you work a different pattern during the week you are booking off, you must amend the hours when you click on the Planned Working Time button, this will ensure the correct number of hours are booked.

  • You can check the working pattern that is currently in MyView by clicking on the 'Confirm Planned Work Time' button, when requesting leave on MyView or selecting the 👤 icon in the top right of MyView.

  • If your hours vary each week or you are on a 2/3 week rota, you do not need to put in a working pattern.  MyView will spread your hours equally over 5 days and you will need to amend the hours to those that you would be working in the week that you are booking holiday, by clicking on the Confirm Planned Work Time button.
Requesting holiday
  • As this is a new system we would advise you to check that your details and your manager are correct before you request holiday.  

  • MyView will not record an entitlement for flexi leave but you can use the paid leave option if you wish to record this on your team calendar for others to see when you are off, please discuss with your manager.
Amending/cancelling holiday
  • Please note that if you delete or edit the dates of your holiday, your manager will receive a notification to approve the deletion or amendment.  
Changes to your contract hours
  • You can check your details on MyView to see when your hours have been updated, you will be responsible for reviewing any future holiday you have booked, including bank holidays and minimum service days, and amending the hours booked if they have now changed.
Recording paid and unpaid leave
  • You can also use MyView to record short term paid and unpaid leave, including medical appointments.

  • The paid leave option can also be used by your department to approve TOIL/flexi leave and it will appear on your team leave calendar.
Leaving the University
  • If you resign, you can contact the HR Systems team to ascertain your outstanding holiday allowance.

  • You will then need to discuss any remaining holiday you wish to take with your manager and if there is any remaining balance to be paid to you upon leaving, your manager will need to state this on the leaver form to notify the HR department.

  • If you are on a fixed term contract your holiday entitlement has been pro-rated to your end date.  You are expected to take all of your entitlement before you leave the University but if it is not possible, your manager will need to notify your HR Coordinator by email before you leave.

  • MyView will NOT automatically pay outstanding holiday entitlement upon leaving.
ALPS (Annual Leave Purchase Scheme)
  • If you have bought holiday via the ALPS scheme, this will be uploaded by mid-April (for window 1) or mid-October (for window 2) and the bought hours will be added to your annual leave/holiday entitlement. You can check if these hours have been added to MyView by clicking on My Leave and Team Calendar in MyView and then click 'View all Entitlements' on the right hand side.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Please check here for any questions that have not been answered above or on the website, if you have any futher questions please contact the HR Systems team.