Department of Social Work and Social Care

Career perspectives for the MA in Childhood and Youth Studies

The following are quotes from ex-students of the MA in Childhood and Youth Studies:

Sarah Goldsmith (2014/15)

Sarah Goldsmith"I decided to enrol on the MACY's course as I had been a playwork practitioner and trainer for many years, but work was getting harder to find and I was ready for a change.  I decided on the Macys course as it sounded interesting and looked more broadly at children and childhood than I had done in the past. I liked the fact that it was interdisciplinary and that it looked at children and childhoods globally. I wasn't sure what the course would lead to, but I was hoping for something new and interesting. In December I saw a PhD position advertised at Glasgow Caledonian University, looking at children's play and gender. I applied and with the help and support of the MACY's lecturers and the careers service I was successful. A PhD wasn't something I had planned on doing, but the MACYS programme had given me the confidence that I could do it. It helped me to get back into the discipline of academic reading and writing and the modules and discussions with fellow students and lecturers extended my learning and understanding, all of which has been very helpful in the early stages of my PhD. Overall I enjoyed the MACYS programme and it has helped me in developing the skills and knowledge I need for the PhD."

Candice Kelcey-Archbold (2014/15)

Candice Kelcey-Archbold“I have emerged from the MACY’s course a more reflective practitioner with an awareness of current developments relating to policy and practice and a heightened sense of social justice. As such, I am motivated to pursue a career in which I can use what I have learned about utilising research evidence to engage with policy and practice to make a positive difference to people’s lives.”

Claire Durrant (2014/15)

Claire Durrant“My MA in Childhood and Youth Studies provided me with a framework with which I could engage with the broader issues affecting children with severe dyslexia. I chose to conduct empirical research for my dissertation, and my research demonstrated the impact that lack of resources and teacher training in dyslexia have on the emotional health and well-being of severely dyslexic children. However, it also uncovered that there are things that teachers can do, even without resources and training, which can improve the experience of severely dyslexic children in education. My dissertation convinced me that children with severe dyslexia experience school in a unique way that requires its own research.”


"Going back into my practical life of serving children in Moshi has been both rewarding and challenging in many ways, as now I put into my work lots of new perspectives and insights. To me it was such a big step to achieve an academic ladder outside my culture."


"I now work as a Project Co-ordinator for Portsmouth and South East Hants Education Business Partnership. I co-ordinate work placements and support vulnerable young people at risk of becoming NEET. The course was beneficial as it provided me with a qualification I wanted, although was not required for this particular role. I have also applied for a Step Up To Social Work programme starting in January so hopefully will be successful - I will very much be bigging up the MACYS at interview!"


"I got approached by Columbia University in New York to write an article for an upcoming publication (I think after sharing my dissertation with a few people). I also had some interesting interaction with a Doctor of Social Work (previous tutee of David Howe) while in Jordan - she was establishing a foster care programme there with the government while I was helping to establish procedures for foster care for Syrian refugee chuildren as part of the emergency response (a job I was successful in getting because MACYS was viewed as the next best thing to a social work qualification)."


"Currently I am working with pre-school children and providing counselling support. This course changed my outlook and the way I perceive and think. I have developed new skill sets like writing skills, researching and critical analysis, which are tremendously helpful to me."