Department of Philosophy

Aesthetics, including the philosophy of fiction and literature

A research interest in aesthetics, including the philosophy of fiction and literature, continues to flourish within the Department, intersecting interests in both analytic and continental philosophy, and building on the strong tradition inherited from Terry Diffey, former editor of the British Journal of Aesthetics and Sussex faculty member.

Work in this area is supported by the Centre for Literature and Philosophy, founded by Katerina Deligiorgi, and directed out of the Philosophy Department by Kathleen Stock. Other members of this group include: Paul Davies, Katerina Deligiorgi, Gordon Finlayson, Michael Morris, Sarah Sawyer and Tanja Staehler.

Relevant publications

On fiction

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On literature

On poetry

  • Davies, Paul (ms), Without paraphrase, forthcoming with Stanford University Press
  • Sawyer, Sarah The importance of fictional properties, forthcoming in 2014 A. Everett & S. Brock (eds.) Fictional Characters, Oxford University Press
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  • Sawyer, Sarah (2002) Abstract artifacts in pretense. Philosophical Papers 31 (2).

On painting

On music

On dance

On film

On the nature of art

On ethics and aesthetics