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SHL Research Seminar: PhD Research in Progress

Kat Braybrooke - Hacking the gallery together?
Stephen Fortune - Asking Questions of Data?
Wesley Goatley - Critical Data Aesthetics
Emma Harrison - Collective Action in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing
Manuel Alejandro Cruz Martínez - Making a Video Game about History: Workshops, Prototypes, and Iteration

13 February 2017 (3-5pm), Digital Humanities Lab 



Wesley Goatley, sound artist and SHL Doctoral Student, is preparing his commissioned installation for the Somerset House "Space to Breathe" events taking place on January 28th-29th. Wes's Breathing Mephitic Air soundscape maps key air pollutants to evolving sounds, while providing a dynamic visual display. 


The Sussex Humanities Lab is dedicated to developing and expanding research into how digital technologies are shaping our culture and society, as well as the way we go about our research. The lab draws on expertise from diverse fields including philosophy and information technology, history and archaeology, media and communications, music and performance technology, and sociology, to ask questions which have always been at the heart of the humanities.


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