School of Law, Politics and Sociology

LPS Visiting Fellowship Schemes

The School of Law, Politics and Sociology at the University of Sussex has a number of visiting Fellowship schemes available.

What schemes are available?

The following schemes are available:

  • Visiting Research Fellowships
  • These Fellowships are open to all scholars who wish to spend time in the School, or establish stronger links with its members. These Fellowships will run for any length of time between 2 weeks and 3 years and are subject to bench fees.
  • Senior School Fellowships
    These Fellowships are available to distinguished scholars in their field with an established international profile. They are awarded competitively and require no bench fees for successful applicants. The School will normally award 3 or 4 of these Fellowships at any one time. These Fellowships will run for any length of time between 2 weeks and 3 years.

What are Visiting Research Fellowships?

We encourage the award of 'Visiting' appointments to researchers and scholars who will contribute to the intellectual life of the School. Appointments can be made for periods of 2 weeks to 3 years, and must be approved by the Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange (Dr James Hampshire) or the Head of School.

Normally, 'Visiting' status is offered to members of faculty at another institution, either in the UK or abroad, those working in the public or private sectors, and/or self-employed research consultants.


Please note that these Fellowship Schemes are not available to undergraduate or postgraduate students.