School of Law, Politics and Sociology


The School of Law, Politics and Sociology is a vibrant research unit within which faculty undertake research on a wide range of topics, as individual researchers, within domestic and international teams of researchers, and within renowned research centres, including the Centre for Responsibilities, Rights and the Law, the Sussex European Institute, Sussex Centre for the study of Corruption, Centre for Gender Studies, Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research and the Crime Research Centre. 

We work with scholars within the UK and internationally, with governmental and non-governmental organisations, with the private sector and the media, and have strong links with research and community projects from the local Sussex area to the United Nations. We are always seeking to develop our projects and welcome contact. We have a wide range of research training courses at postgraduate levels, encourage students to realise their potential in research and seek to prepare them on an individual basis for professional life after the completion of their studies

At the level of professional researchers in the UK, in the European Union, or further afield, we encourage visiting fellows to join us in developing their research projects in conjunction with our own. You are also welcome to visit our Departmental research pages, or to contact us directly.