Past issues

Issue 15: 2014


Storied Identities: Identity Formation and the Life Story Rosemary Rich

Protest Movements in Transjordan from the End of the Ottoman Era until the Establishment of the Emirate (1841-1921) As’ad J. Abu Libdeh and Eman A. Fraihat

Book Review: Sybil Oldfield, '"Thinking Against the Current": Literature and Political Resistance' Sally Palmer


Issue 14: 2013 — Civilians and War in the Twentieth Century


'Civilians and War' Conference Report Emily Mason 

British Medical Volunteers and the Balkan Front 1914-1918: The Case of Dr Katherine Stuart MacPhail Samuel Foster

Better than Words: Expressing Feelings with Foods in Mass Observation Wartime Diaries Natacha Chevalier


Issue 13: Summer/Autumn 2010


We must begin to build for permanence: New York Jewish Intellectuals, Commentary Magazine and the Legacy of the Second World War, 1945-1959 Nadja A. Janssen

Racisms Old and New at Handsworth, 1985 Jed Fazakarley


Issue 12: Summer/Autumn 2008 'War, Representation and Society'


Weimar Cinema and the Contested Remembrance of World War I: The Ban of All Quiet on the Western Front in Germany (1930) Benjamin Schröder

Are We Defended? Conflicting Representations of War in Pre-War France Lindsey Dodd

Food Fight! The Cinema of Consumption in Wartime Britain Richard Farmer

Book Review: Keith Jeffery, Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson: A Political Soldier Catherine Boylan

Book Review: K. S. Inglis, Sacred Places: War Memorials in the Australial Landscape, 3rd Ed. Namita Chakrabarty

Book Review: Frances Guerin and Roger Hallas (eds.), The Image and the Witness: Trauma, Memory and Visual Culture Ronan McKinney


Supplement: War, Representation and Documentary Conference, University of Sussex, July 2008

This conference brought together media practitioners and postgraduate students to discuss the representation of conflict in documentary.

Overview Chris Kempshall and Stella Sims

Reflections on the conference by keynote speakers:

John Edginton
Director of Timewatch: Hunger Strike - A Hidden History (BBC, 1993)

David Notman-Watt
Director of Cocaine: Alex James in Colombia (BBC, 2008)


Issue 11: winter 2007

Editorial Ben Jones

The Patient Contract in Bristol's Voluntary Hospitals, c. 1918-1929 George Campbell Gosling

Resurecting the French Empire: British Military Aid to Vietnam, September 1945 - June 1947 Dr. Tim O. Smith

British National Identity and the People: Women's Ideas of the Nation During the Second World War Jen Purcell

Book Review: Tevi Troy, Intellectuals and the American Presidency: Philosophers, Jesters, or Technicians?  Brian Douglas

Book Review: Richard Whatmore and Brian Young, (eds.), Palgrave Advances in Intellectual History Brian Douglas

Book Review: John McIlroy, Kevin Morgan and Alan Campbell (eds.), Party People, Communist Lives: Explorations in Biography Elke Side-Weesjes

Book Review: Judith Flanders, Consuming Passions: Leisure and Pleasure in Victorian Britain Jordon Douglas


Issue 10: spring 2006 'Life History Special'

Editorial Ben Jones & Red Chidgey

New Opportunities for Irish Women? Employment in Britain during the Second World War Dr. Mary Muldowney

Oral History and the Creation of Collective Memories: Women's experiences of motherhood in Oxfordshire c. 1945-1970 Angela Davis

The Resisting Subject: Per-zines as life story data Red Chidgey

Book Review: Ernst Piper, Alfred Rosenberg. Hitlers Chefideologe Alex J. Kay

Book Review: Isabel V. Hull, Absolute Destruction. Military Culture and the Practices of War in Imperial Germany Gilli Vardi

Book Review: Iwan Morgan and Philip Davies (eds.), Right On? Political Change and Continuity in George W. Bush's America Roger Johnson


Issue 9: autumn 2005

Editorial Ben Jones

The Albatross of the past: Colley's Britons and Twenty-first Century Britain Francis Graham-Dixon

'Never Volunteer for Anything': The Concept of the 'Volunteer' in Human Experimentation During the Cold War Tal Bolton


Issue 8: winter/spring 2005 'Activism and Social Movements'

Editorial Lucy Robinson, Eugene Michail, Sarah Bartsch, Ben Jones & Lisa Forbes

Space. Imagination // Rupture: The Cognitive Architecture of Utopian Political Thought in the Global Justice Movement Stevphen Shukaitis

Reimagining the Possible: Zapatista Discourse and the Problematics of Rights Lisa Poggiali

Brighton Women's Peace Camp, 1983: Second Wave Feminism and the Women's Peace Movement Sam Carroll


Issue 7: summer 2004

Editorial Lucy Robinson & Eugene Michail

'Church within the Church' as a mode of the survival of West Ukrainian religious community under Soviet rule Natalia Shlikhta

Commercial places, public spaces: suffragette shops and the public sphere John Mercer

Telling Family Stories: Interpretive Authority and Intersubjectivity in Life History Research Ben Jones


Issue 6

Carnival of the oppressed: the Angry Brigade and the Gay Liberation Front Dr. Lucy Robinson

Creating Unity or Division? The Origins of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica Dr. Jason Garner

The First World War and British Comics Esther MacCallum-Stewart


Issue 5

Race, Romanticism and Perspectives on Gypsy Education in Early Twentieth Century Britain Helen Carter

Disability in nineteenth century Scotland - the case of Marion Brown Iain Hutchison

Rethinking inclusion and exclusion: the question of mixed-race presence in late colonial India Satoshi Mizutani

Early modernism and exclusion: The cultural politics of two Edwardian periodicals The New Age and The New Witness Tom Villis


Issue 4

Ceremony, Rules and Ritual: The Identities of Glasgow Jewry 1850-1900 Jan MacGregor

Douglas-Home, the Conservative Party and the Threat of Rebellious Youth: 1963-64 Stuart Mitchell

Mr Punch and Tommy Atkins: British Soldiers' Social Identity during the First World War Helen Tripp

Crossing the Colour Lines in the City of Angels: The NAACP and the Zoot-Suit Riot of 1943 Jon Watson


Issue 3


Politics and protest in the Spanish Anarchist movement: Libertarian women in early twentieth-century Barcelona Rachel Hadfield

After The War and After The Wall: British Perceptions of Germany Following 1945 and 1989 Evgenios Michail

Struggle for Identity: Issues Underlying the Enactment of the 1926 Adoption of Children Act Jenny Keating


Issue 2

Editorial Scott Soo & Ben Scott

Addressing the Crisis in the Representation of Traumatic Events: Great War Historiography and the Lessons of the Holocaust Martyn Oliver

'The Truth About Men in the Front Line': Imagining the Experience of War in Memoirs of the Western Front Dominic Harman

Wading Through the Mire: An Historiographical Study of the British Women's Movement Between the Wars Joanne Workman

'Natives are not critical of photographic quality': Censorship, education and films in African colonies between the wars Rob Skinner


Issue 1

Editorial Scott Soo & Ben Scott

Mort pour la France: Conflict and Commemoration in France after the First World War Peter Edwards

The Origins of the Freikorps: A Re-evaluation Ben Scott

Resisting in France and <em>la vie invent&eacute;e</em> Scott Soo

Aims and Obstacles, Gains and Setbacks, German Women (1945-1960) Christiane Niemeyer

World Reactions To The 1961 Paris Pogrom Daniel A. Gordon

The vividness of the past: a retrospect on the west German Historikerstreit in the mid-1980s Jacob Westergaard Madsen