Department of Art History

Faculty research interests

Dr Benedict Burbridge works on the history and theory of photography. He is interested in how the uses made of photography are implicated in wider social, cultural and political transformations, and the relationships between photography’s artistic and instrumental applications.

Dr Meaghan Clarke specialises in 19th and early 20th century art. She is interested in modernity, gender, colonialism, collecting and interdisciplinary approaches to visual culture.

Dr Flora Dennis works on 15th and 16th century Italian visual and material culture, focusing on relationships between sound, music, images and objects. She is particularly interested in domestic interiors, and co-curated the V&A exhibition At Home in Renaissance Italy (2006). 

Professor Maurice Howard is an architectural historian of Early Modern Europe whose researches have encompassed the arts of painting and the applied arts. His work has focused mainly on architecture in England in the 16th and 17th centuries, dealing with issues of patronage and the transmission of continental influences into this country. 

Professor Liz James is a Byzantine art historian whose interests spread across the whole range of the Byzantine Empire. She has worked on the perception of light and colour, and is currently engaged on a research project exploring Byzantine mosaics (Leverhulme Foundation). She is also interested in the role of women in Byzantium and has worked on Byzantine empresses.

Professor David Mellor specialises in aspects of 20th century art, photography and film. He is interested in ways in which visual culture is related to broader cultural histories and questions of modernisation, particularly in Britain.

Professor Michelle O'Malley specialises in Italian Renaissance painting, especially as an aspect of material culture. Her research focuses on questions of status, value, price and production. She is currently examining client-painter networks and the force of demand on the appearance and manufacture of works of art. She is also interested in issues of Renaissance dress.

Professor Geoff Quilley specializes in British art, primarily of the eighteenth century, with particular reference to the relation of art and visual culture to the development of empire and colonialism, and to travel and exploration.