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The Centre for Material Digital Culture and Digital Humanities 

Our research is focused on Digital Media. We support interdisciplinary research projects, individual research and collaborative research. 

Our researchers come from a range of different backgrounds, including media sociology, media arts, software studies, anthropology, computer science, cultural studies, science studies, English, history and archive studies, digital humanities and medical humanities.

We also organise high profile public lectures, events and symposium and reading groups for sharing ideas.

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The Sussex Humanities Lab

Researchers in our Sussex Humanities Lab are dedicated to developing and expanding research into how digital technologies are shaping our culture and society.

We have experts from a range of different fields, including philosophy, information technology, history, archaeology, media and communications, music and performance technology, and sociology.

Our work includes:

  • digital archives
  • digital media/computational culture
  • digital technologies
  • memory and experience.

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