Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Doctoral students

Several of our staff co-supervise doctoral students. PhD students may be supervised by faculty in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, or the School of Education and Social Work, depending on their area of ELT research, and are part of the wider Doctoral School at Sussex.

Applications for both MA and PhD study (1+3 years) are welcome.

Please contact in the first instance.

Here are details of some of our co-supervised doctoral students:

Asma Asiri (Saudi Arabia)
Started: September 2020
Supervisors: Feras Alkabani, Tom Wright (English and American Studies) and Michael Jonik (English and American Studies)
Working title: The rendition of “humour” in the Arabic translations of Mark Twain’s works.

Theresa Clementson (UK)
Started: September 2019 (part-time)
Supervisors: Simon Williams and Roberta Piazza (Linguistics)
Working title: Towards a transformative pedagogy for developing academic voice for non-native speakers of English as an academic language.

Abdulrahman Alsaedi (Saudi Arabia)
Started: September 2019
Supervisors: Feras Alkabani, Roberta Piazza (Linguistics) and Charlotte Taylor (Linguistics)
Working title: The use of metaphor at times of political and economic crises in Saudi newspapers.

Hannah Stewart (UK)
Started: September 2018
Supervisors: Feras Alkabani, Naaz Rashid (Media) and Sarah Maltby (Media)
Working title: British media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Loubna Gueche
Started: May 2018
Supervisors: Jules Winchester and Lynne Murphy (Linguistics).
Working title: Intercultural politeness: The case of first encounter interactions between postgraduate international students.

Fatmah Alhazmi (Saudi Arabia)
Started: November 2016
Supervisors: Roberta Piazza (Linguistics) and Jules Winchester
Working title: Social media as a Liberating Virtual Space for Saudi Women.

Adam Stewart (UK)
Started: September 2016 (part-time)
Supervisors: Melanie Green (Linguistics) and Jules Winchester
Working title: Minimalism and Construction Grammar: Second Language Acquisition of Topics, Focus and Force.

Danya Shaalan (Saudi Arabia)
Started: September 2016
Supervisors: Simon Williams,Roberta Piazza (Linguistics) and Evan Hazenberg (Linguistics)
Research area: Saudi women’s personal theories of English language learning motivation: a case study of PNU students.

Helen Gibb (UK)
Professional Doctorate in Education; started September 2014 (part-time)
Supervisors: Andrew Blair and Nigel Marshall (Education)
Research area: Language teachers’ attitudes and practice regarding spoken error correction.

Yolanda Cerdá (UK)
Started: February 2012 (part-time)
Supervisors: Jules Winchester and Justyna Robinson (Linguistics)
Working title: The representation and construction of femininities and masculinities in the UK liberal press.

Zurina Khairuddin (Malaysia)
PhD Linguistics
Supervisors: Simon Williams and Roberta Piazza (Linguistics)
Research area: International Students' Engagement with Spoken Academic Discourse.
Completed: June 2020

Haitham Althubaiti (Saudi Arabia)
PhD Education
Supervisors: Andrew Blair and Yusuf Sayed (Education)
Title: A Case Study of English Language Students at University in Saudi Arabia.
Completed: April 2018

Alexandra Reynolds (UK/France)
PhD Linguistics
Supervisors: Jules Winchester and Roberta Piazza (Linguistics)
Title: English as a Medium of Academic Identity: Attitudes to using English for Research and Teaching at Nantes University.
Completed: November 2016

Marianna Kyriakou (Cyprus)
PhD Linguistics
Supervisors: Jules Winchester, Roberta Piazza (Linguistics) and Melanie Green (Linguistics)
Title: Language Attitudes and Ethnic Identity in a Diglossic Setting: The Case of Greek-Cypriot Students.
Completed: March 2016

Imed Louhichi (Tunisia)
PhD Linguistics
Supervisors: Jules Winchester and Lynne Murphy (Linguistics)
Title: The 'motionisation' of verbs: a contrastive study of thinking-for-speaking in English and Tunisian Arabic.
Completed: July 2015.

Devora Hellerstein (Israel)
PhD Education
Supervisors: Andrew Blair and Judy Sebba (Education)
Title: Celebrating Diversity: The Significance of Cultural Differences on Reading Comprehension Processes of the Young Adult EFL Learner in a Matriculation Preparation Programme in Israel.
Completed: March 2013.

Irfan Ahmed (Pakistan)
PhD Education
Supervisors: Andrew Blair and Yusuf Sayed (Education)
Title: Investigating students’ experiences of learning English as a second language at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.
Completed: November 2012.

Faraz Bughio (Pakistan)
PhD Education
Supervisors: Ray de Witt and Paul Yates (Education)
Title: Improving English Language Teaching in Large Classes at University Level in Pakistan.
Completed: 2013.

Sally Rabi (Saudi Arabia)
PhD Education
Supervisors: Ray de Witt and Paul Yates (Education)
Title: A Professional Development Scheme for Non-Native Speaking Teachers of English from the Arab World.
Completed: 2013.

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