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Research on English Language Teaching seminars

In the SCLS Language & Culture seminar strand:

Wednesday 12th October 2016
English as a Medium of Instruction in Asian Universities:
challenges and prospects

(Andy Kirkpatrick, Griffith University, Brisbane)
5pm drinks for 5.30pm start - Language Learning Centre room 4 (Arts A)


Previous seminars

17th March 2014
Dr Amos Paran (Institute of Education, University of London)
Reading, literacy and literature: L2 intersections

5th March 2014
Alexandra Reynolds (University of Nantes)
The legislation of academic English at work

3rd February 2014
Simon Williams (University of Sussex)
Listening assessment workshop 

14th August 2013
MaƂgorzata Korko (Middlesex University) and Simon Williams (University of Sussex)
Inhibitory control, self-monitoring and test takers' performance in a public speaking test

20th February 2013
Silvia Taylor and Viviana Coston (University of Sussex)
Writing materials for language students to avoid culture shock

30th January 2013
Dr Lyn Pemberton (University of Brighton)
Mobile knowledge sharing for language learners

12th December 2012
Martin Sketchley
The application of Dogme ELT in the classroom

28th November 2012
Dr Will Baker (University of Southampton)
Intercultural communication through English as a lingua franca: the role of intercultural awareness

26th September 2012
Clare Fielder (University of Trier, Germany)
Positive Feedback in the English Language Classroom

25th May 2011
Felicity O'Dell
Vocabulary in EAP: the English Profile project and CEFR levels

28th Feburary 2011
Theresa Clementson
Coursebook Writing: Process, Principles and Practice

31st January 2011
Yolanda Cerda and Simon Williams
Deep-end tasks for low-level learners

8th November 2010
Catherine Rogers (University of Sussex)
Supporting Learner Autonomy through Guided Self Access
Simon Williams (University of Sussex)
Question and answer sessions in EAP students' spoken presentations: problems in construction and assessment

6th December 2010
Jules Winchester (University of Sussex)
Politeness in Interaction: Cultural Perspectives

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