Journalism research at Sussex

  • members of our faculty are involved in a number of areas of research - including studies into citizen journalism, protest movements and media use, and election coverage
  • our faculty publish journal articles, produce documentary films, and work for global digital and print media organisations 
  • Ivor Gaber, who was the first professor of Journalism at Sussex is carrying out exciting research in the area of political journalism. His research has covered the relationship between politicians and journalists, the changing nature of election coverage, media representations of the Labour Party and the relationship between the media and policymaking, and political campaigning. 

If you want to find out more about doctoral research in our department please contact the Research Team

You can also find out about other research strands: Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Media and CommunicationsMedia Practice, and Music.

Monika's faculty perspective

'I find questions about the role of media in contemporary multicultural European societies particularly intriguing.

'At Sussex, I’ve been able to develop my research in new directions (for example in my book Diversity and the Media) and to utilise my knowledge of the changing journalistic profession and media landscape in developing new journalism degrees. 

'The course offers a solid theoretical foundation, enabling students to reflect critically on the changing roles of media and journalism and on their own professional practices, as well as combining this with training in a range of practical skills across a variety of media – broadcast, in print, and online.'

Monika Metykova 
Senior Lecturer in Media Communications and Journalism Studies