School of English

Postgraduate study

The School of English has one of the largest graduate communities in the UK, with over 200 students and more than 50 faculty. We explore theories of culture, politics, identity, and society, considering English in all of its diversities. We support a rich variety of interdisciplinary taught MA programmes alongside a flourishing culture in doctoral and post-doctoral research.

Our students and faculty are known for their commitment to innovation and challenge in intellectual life. Our postgraduate courses reflect the School’s commitment to fostering a trained critical imagination – one that grasps the importance of the analytic and the evocative, the poetic and the explanatory, the visual and the verbal.

There are many opportunities throughout the academic year for students and faculty to discuss their research in different colloquia, reading groups and conferences supported by the School, published on our termly calendar Signpost.

The School is home to a number of active research centres, as well as long-established research seminars.

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