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Formula student

What is Formula Student?

While predominantly about the design and production of a single seat racing car, Formula Student is actually more about building future engineering talent, not just in design and manufacture, but also in management, marketing and people skills that are so vital in the modern world, across all sectors of employment.

Formula Student provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their skills, enthusiasm, ingenuity and commitment to engineering excellence, and for industry to foster close links with academia to develop the people attributes they need for future success.

Formula Student is organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The Event

The event comprises of seven marked categories

  • Cost
  • Presentation
  • Design
  • Acceleration - 75 meter dash in quickest time
  • Skidpan - Figure of eight formation
  • Endurance - 25 laps of approximately 775m each
  • Fuel Efficiency



Team Sussex