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Research fellows currently working at CEMMS

Alice Equestri - Marie Curie Fellow

My research project is about the notion of intellectual disability in early modern English literature, 1500-1640. I am interested in fools and in how their folly is shaped by renaissance legal and medical notions of 'idiocy'.


Duncan Fraser - Visiting Fellow

I am interested in the relationship between city comedy and the city that produced it. I'm also pursuing Lording Barry, poet and pirate, through the plays of Middleton and Jonson. I have recently published, in collaboration with Andrew Hadfield, a book on Gentry Life in Georgian Ireland, The Letter of Edmund Spencer (1711-1790) (Legenda Press), and we have also recently completed an edition of James Shirley's The Politician for the forthcoming Complete Works of James Shirley for Oxford University Press.


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@DuncanSalkeld Oh yes, so so romantic 😍

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