Doing Public Linguistics Symposium 10 June 2016 programme

Linguistics as a field has long engaged in education beyond the boundaries of Higher Education. This symposium asks: what can we learn from the experience of working with public audiences and non-academic stakeholders?

Please join us for a day of ideas, reflection, and calls to action. The event is free, but space is limited, so booking is necessary. The early end-time should facilitate attendance at the Jenny Cheshire lecture at QMUL that evening.

Booking Form for Doing Public Linguistics Symposium

10 June 2016

Registration closes at the end of the day,  27th of  May, 2016


09.00        Registration/welcome (Lynne Murphy, Sussex)

09:30        Paul Kerswill (York)
                Linguist-media engagement: a two-way street?

10:15        Deborah Cameron (Oxford)
                Reaching out, crossing over, filling in and dumbing down: adventures in old and new media

11:00        break

11.15        Lesley Jeffries & Dan McIntyre (Huddersfield)
                Shaping public perceptions of linguistics through Babel: The Language Magazine

12:00        Geoffrey Pullum (Edinburgh)
                Group Linguistic Science Blogs: the Language Log Experiment

12:45        lunch

13:30        Billy Clark (Middlesex) & Dan Clayton (Colchester College)
                Linguistics and Education

14:15        Bas Aarts (UCL)
                Grammar for schools: pitfalls and politics

15:00        Panel discussion

15.30        end