Department of Engineering and Design

Student Society: Product Design

Product design students have founded two societies: the Design Society and the Design and Prototyping Society. All students are welcome to join!

Design society

The Design Society aims to challenge peoples minds and get them thinking outside the box. This series of challenges aims to improve vital skills such as team work, quick idea generation and provides a hands on approach to challenges. Some of these projects could be referenced in portfolios or discussed during interviews later on in your career.
Each week a new engineering or design-based challenge will be set and those who are attending will have the task of creating something to over come this challenge. 

For more details, contact Gabriel Robson:


Design & Prototying Society

The Design and Prototyping Society is looking to create a thriving Design & Prototyping community within University of Sussex. It aims at achieving this by supporting and facilitating the work of teams participating in various design competitions.


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