Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are my HR and Payroll contacts for my School or Division?

A: Your HR Business Services Coordinator/ HR Associate/ HR Business Partner & Payroll Contact is found on the Sussex Website on the HR Contact us page.

Q: When will I be paid?

A: The University payday is the last working day of every month, there is a published payroll deadline each month for any other claims.  You will receive your payslips electronically via the MyView system.

Q: When will I receive a salary increment?

A: The annual incremental date is 1 October, except that persons appointed or promoted between 1 April and 30 September inclusive receive their first increment on 1 October of the following calendar year. Increments are granted automatically but may be postponed or withheld for a specified period for unsatisfactory work

Q: What probation period do I have?

A: The standard probation periods are below however please check your appointment letter for any variation of this.

Terms and ConditionsProbation Period
Grade 1-6 Clerical and other related 3 months
Administrative Faculty Grade 7 – 10 2 years
Academic Faculty 3 years
Research Faculty 8 months

Q: How do I change my personal details e.g. my address

A: Once you have been set up with your ITS access, you are responsible for updating your personal and contact information such as your home and work addresses, contact details and next of  kin information  via the Sussex Direct/ MyView  self-service pages.

Please ensure that your current home and University contact details are updated/added to the system in a timely manner whenever they change.

If you experience any problems in updating your personal details, please contact your HR Business Service Coordinator who can make the change for you.

Q: What do I do if I have changed my bank account?

A: We can only accept a change of bank details when we are provided with a completed copy of the ‘Change of Bank Details’ form. This form can be found on the Human Resources section of the Sussex website under the heading ‘‘Payroll and Pensions Documents and Forms’.

The completed form must be submitted in person to the Payroll Office, Sussex House, Room 338 along with valid photo ID at time of submission.

Q: What are my annual leave entitlements?

A: Your annual leave entitlement will be from 1 October to 30 September. Please note that is you are part time or if you do not work for the full annual leave year, you will receive a pro rata of the full time hours stated below:

GradeLength of ServiceNo. of days annual leave
Grade 7 and above Any 24 + minimum service and bank holidays
All other grades

Less than three years 20 + minimum service and bank holidays
  Three to four years 21 + minimum service and bank holidays
  Four to five years 22 + minimum service and bank holidays
  Five years or more 23 + minimum service and bank holidays


In addition to the above staff are also entitlement to bank holidays and minimum service days. The term date and minimum service dates can be found on the Sussex Website.

All entitlement is calculated in hours and can be viewed on MyView.

Q: I want to resign from the University, what do I have to do and what notice do I have to give?

A: If you wish to resign from your post at the University, please send your resignation to your line manager.  Your line manager should then confirm your resignation via the leaver form and the HR Business Services team will then write to you to confirm your resignation. You can expect this letter within 5 working days.

Notice Periods

  • Grade 1-6  - one months’ notice
  • Grade 7 -10 (Administrative & Other) -3 months’ notice or less if agreed with your line manager
  • Teaching Faculty – 3 months however notice can be extended to the end of the teaching term

Before you leave please ensure all IT equipment (including home working) is returned to the relevant IT support team or stored with your manager. Please also see the ITS FAQ page for information on the closure of your ITS account.

Additionally, members of staff within the School of Life Sciences must ensure they are following the Life Sciences leavers process.

Q: How do I make a Flexible Working Application?

A: To make a flexible working application please complete a flexible working application form and submit to your line manager.

Flexible working Procedure [PDF 357.68KB]
Flexible working application form [DOCX 40.24KB]

Q: I am pregnant, am I entitled to maternity pay?

A: Please see the University's maternity guide below.  You can then notify the HR department of your maternity leave via the MyForm on MyView.

Maternity guide (e48) [PDF 178.18KB]

Q: I require a Mortgage/ Tenancy/ VISA/ Employment Reference, how do I request this?

Reference requests are required in writing. Please email your HR Business Services Coordinator. If HR are contacted directly by an agency will request your approval before sending a reply. Reference requests will be actioned within 10 working days.

Q: What do I do if I have a compliment, complaint or comment about the HR service?

A: Compliments, complaints and comments should be directed to the HR Officer or Payroll Manager in the first instance. If a complaint cannot be resolved or you do not receive a satisfactory response, you can email and escalate your complaint to the Head of Payroll & HR Business Services